Detroit Lions crap the bed in latest CBS 7-Round NFL mock draft

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By this point, you have probably seen enough 2021 NFL mock drafts to make you consider shutting down your computer until the draft actually is over and done with.

Believe me, having the job that I do, I have seen thousands of mocks by this point and I too am feeling the same way as you are!

But the recent mock draft put out by Josh Edwards of CBS Sports is by far the worst I have seen so far.

As you can see below, Edwards not only has the Detroit Lions trading down with the Denver Broncos, but he does not have the Lions getting a single pick in return that is in the 2021 draft! (I have to think that Edwards just got lazy and did not include the pick in this mock but I am just speculating).

Then, with the No. 9 overall pick, he has the Lions selecting a wide receiver, which is a big no-no if a GM is drafting for value, which Brad Holmes should be doing.

But what is equally as crazy is that Edwards has the Lions doubling up by taking another wide receiver in round 2.

Of the six picks Edwards has the Lions making, the only one I can get behind at all is Daelin Hayes in the fifth and even that comes with questions.

Nation, what do you think about this mock?

1st round (9) (following trade with Denver)- Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama

Via CBS: Detroit gets a vertical threat for Jared Goff. It is difficult to envision the Lions taking a quarterback when so much has been invested in him financially. If Los Angeles had drafted a quarterback, everyone would be discussing landing spots for Goff. Goff is not going to go to the bench yet and he can not be moved, so Detroit bites the bullet, hopes it works out and punts on taking a quarterback.

2nd round (41)- Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss

3rd round (72)- Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

3rd round (101)- Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State

4th round (112)- Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB, Syracuse

5th round (154)- Daelin Hayes, Edge, Notre Dame

3 thoughts on “Detroit Lions crap the bed in latest CBS 7-Round NFL mock draft”

  1. Hey guys thanks for the laugh. Ever heard of money ball? Brad Homles is a genius. West Coast is already installed in Detroit with Goff at the helm. Lions have their starting QB, WRs, TEs, RBs and a couple young guys from last years draft to start on O-Line. Lions control the draft and will trade down and still draft Penn States ILB Micah Parsons. With Goff in place Lions can copy Panthers and complete their Cam/Luke Kuechly signing in 1 year not 2 with Parsons. The Goff Stafford trade was about money not talent. Rams owner Stan Kronke shed all large contracts now that the stadiums built. Holmes had the insider info. FYI – Goff beats the best. Bears and Viking twice, Falcons, Cincy, Philly is 5-6 wins right there. Even if Lions go 5-5 against the rest that’s 9 or 10 wins. Stafford is the odd man out. Rams will be lucky to finish at 3rd in West. Seattle made huge gains and retained their starts this off-season and 9ers bet the farm in the draft and should be healthy while Rams Center plays in KC Starting TE is in Seattle and half the Dee is gone. Rams lost the most this off-season including McVays entire coaching staff. But please tell me more about how bad Lions have to be b/c that’s the way it is in Detroit. Have a good one thanks again for the laugh.

    • Wow you think parson is worth a top ten? He is not worth a top 15 in my mind but the lions will not select receiver 1&2 but maybe 1 & 3 or 4 . De Kwitty is not worth a top 15 pick and will be a big disappointment for anybody picking him that high, wow I think they would have to be high if they did. Next year they can go defense or start during 2nd round. There are a lot of players who opted out that will be a roll of the dice if you want help this year.

  2. What a joke for you to say that they shouldn’t pick a receiver at 9 or even 7th .
    Oh go for a LB or DE right ? Only a fool would pass on the top three receivers to get a DE in this draft and let’s see how many 1round LB s are bust and believe me there are issues with Parson so you must think they are gold.
    Everybody knows they need a receiver after leaving Jones leave and the non existent Golliday as he was injured the last two years . Wow what kind of team do you think they would have picking defense in the first round?
    Last year Stafford didn’t have a number one receiver and I said years ago Holliday is a number two receiver. Just watch when he had a good number 2 cornerback or #1 CB covering him . They do not have a number one receiver which they need but any defensive pick in top 10 is completely beyond any intelligence.
    Only a stupid person goes into a draft claiming a receiver in top ten is bad , example CALVIN JOHNSON YOU STUPID IDIOT. You need a different job because you are not a sports writer but just a ignorant stupid fool.
    Fact how many top ten defensive picks were waved by the teams that drafted them because they were a bust? Now last year CB some are dissatisfied with him but with no pass rush it was not a year to grade him in my opinion. But again you sound like a Quinn or some other dumb draft selecter


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