Detroit Lions DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson claps back at Twitter troll

C.J. Gardner-Johnson was not having it when a Twitter troll tried to take a shot at him and the Detroit Lions!

During the offseason, the Detroit Lions signed former Philadelphia Eagles defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson to a one-year contract, and he seems happy to be in the Motor City. So, when a Philly-based Twitter account recently shared the sentiments of many supporters of the defending NFC champions, expressing their disappointment in Gardner-Johnson's decision, the Lions new DB decided to clap back.

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Detroit Lions DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson claps back at Twitter troll

MK Sports Talk, a prominent voice among Eagles fans, criticized the move, claiming that Gardner-Johnson had become a “constant clown” and had chosen to join a lesser team for less money.

“This guy was beloved in Philly. Now he's nothing but a constant clown that has Eagle envy,” MK Sports Talk tweeted. “Took less money to be a lesser team. Grass isn't always greener (pun intended).” 

Gardner-Johnson responded by saying that he is still beloved by the true fans and that his move to the Lions has been beneficial for him and his family. He emphasized that the grass is indeed greener on the Detroit side and that his family is thriving.

“I got time today, STFU!!,” Gardner-Johnson clapped back. “I'm still beloved by the real ones, my g! Love was never lost! And grass is definitely greener, my g. My family STRAIGHT.” 

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Key Points

  • Gardner-Johnson's signing with the Detroit Lions has disappointed Philadelphia Eagles fans.
  • A social media account shared negative opinions about Gardner-Johnson's move.
  • Gardner-Johnson defended his decision and expressed that he is still beloved by true fans.
  • He highlighted the benefits of joining the Lions for himself and his family.

Bottom Line – Rising Above Adversity

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's response to a Twitter troll exemplifies his ability to defend himself against his critics. His decision to sign with the Detroit Lions has sparked controversy among Philadelphia Eagles fans, but Gardner-Johnson remains steadfast in his belief that he made the right choice for himself and his family. By engaging in social media battles, he not only defends his decision but also asserts his worth and loyalty to his true fans.


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