Detroit Lions LG Jonah Jackson says ‘It’s time to put on a show’

Detroit Lions LG Jonah Jackson says 'It's time to put on a show'.

Detroit Lions LG Jonah Jackson says ‘It's time to put on a show'

Every player on the Detroit Lions offensive line has faced setbacks this season, with injuries forcing at least one missed game for every starter not named Penei Sewell. With that being said, the Lions have emerged from their bye week fully healthy. In Week 10, the 6-2 Lions will have another chance to make a statement when they hit the road to take on the Los Angeles Chargers.

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What Did Jonah Jackson Say?

On Tuesday, Lions left guard Jonah Jackson spoke to reporters and he said “It's time to put on a show.”

“We’re finally back. The band’s back together. It’s time to put on a show,” Jackson said.

“I was getting some heavy FOMO. It was getting bad,” Jackson said. “So I’m really excited to be back out there with the guys. They were holding it down while I was out, so it’s time for me to come back in and hold up my end of the bargain.”

With the entire squad now intact, they're set to take their performance up a notch, just in time to face the Chargers' formidable defensive line.

“They’re a great front,” Jackson said. “They’ve got the two edge guys and then they’ve got those big dogs in the middle. They emphasize on stopping the run. They’re like sixth in the NFL, and then they’re like top-five in sacks, so it’s a good unit vs. another good unit. So it’s going to be a good battle.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' offensive line reunites after injuries, ready to elevate their game.
  2. Pro Bowler Jonah Jackson returns from injury, praising team resilience and versatility.
  3. The upcoming game against the Los Angeles Chargers presents a high-stakes challenge.
Detroit Lions eligible to return

Bottom Line – Lions' Roar Ready to Resound

As the Detroit Lions brace for their clash against the Los Angeles Chargers, the air is thick with anticipation. The offensive line's reunion is not merely a return to full strength but a battle cry, a declaration of readiness to take on and take down one of the league's best defenses. With Jonah Jackson anchoring the line once more, and the potent duo of David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs in the backfield, Detroit's offense is primed to turn anticipation into action. This Sunday, the Lions are not just playing a game; they're putting on a show.

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