Penei Sewell knows he has to be better for Detroit Lions

Penei Sewell knows he has to be better: Sewell started at LT for the Lions on Sunday against the Seahawks and he feels like he should have been better.

Penei Sewell knows he has to be better for Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Penei Sewell recently found himself at a crossroads. When Taylor Decker was sidelined with an ankle injury, Sewell was thrust into the spotlight as the left tackle. The result, a showdown against the Seattle Seahawks, left Sewell wrestling with self-doubt and questioning his own mettle. With only three seasons under his belt, Sewell has already been anointed as a guiding light for the Lions, a beacon of hope in the Motor City.

Detroit Lions starting offense Penei Sewell knows he has to be better

What did Penei Sewell Say?

But on this particular Sunday, Penei Sewell, known for his unwavering resolve, found himself humbled by the unrelenting challenge.

“I didn’t do a good job and I feel like it starts with an example so I gotta be better there, clean it up,” Sewell said during media availability on Monday.

“For my mind, it doesn’t change. It’s not an excuse. Coach depends on me, this team depends on me, so there’s no difference,” Sewell said. “When it comes to what I need to work on—just attention to details. I’m like a yard away from making an important block, and I got to get off the ball faster, or stay on the block with Jonah (Jackson) more, or just communication.”

Sewell's introspection reveals a relentless pursuit of perfection—a quality that sets apart the greats from the good. For him, it's about honing the details: improving his handwork, perfecting his footwork, and mastering pre-snap reads. But Sewell's commitment transcends personal growth; it serves as a call to arms for the entire Lions squad.

“(It) definitely humbles you. I hope the guys come in with that same mindset of where we were a year ago. It’s different now. There’s too many people riding the wave, there’s too many people talking,” Sewell said. “For myself, that never bothers me. No offense to y’all, but I really don’t give a damn what y’all say. So, I think the team’s got to humble back, go back to the drawing board and it’s just us, us against everybody.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Penei Sewell, the rising star of the Detroit Lions, faced a daunting test as he filled in for an injured teammate.
  2. Sewell's honest self-assessment revealed a burning desire for improvement and attention to detail.
  3. This setback serves as a poignant reminder for the Detroit Lions to refocus amidst the clamor of outside voices.

Bottom Line – Penei Sewell's Path to Greatness

Penei Sewell's recent experience serves as a poignant reminder of the essence of Detroit football: the pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. While setbacks can shake even the most seasoned players, Sewell's unwavering dedication to growth and learning is a testament to his potential greatness.

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