Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Packers: Jack Campbell balls out while Jerry Jacobs struggles

Here are the Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Packers. Which of these grades surprise you the most?

Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Packers: Jack Campbell balls out while Jerry Jacobs struggles

In their Thanksgiving Day showdown, the Detroit Lions suffered a 29-22 defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Amidst this setback, the Lions' defense displayed a mix of performances, ranging from exceptional to subpar. Pro Football Focus (PFF) grades offer a detailed perspective on individual defensive players' contributions during the game. As we delve into these grades, we uncover standout performances like Jack Campbell's remarkable effort, contrasted sharply by Jerry Jacobs' struggles.

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Top 5 Grades

Bottom 5 Grades

  • Quinton Bohanna 36.8
  • Jerry Jacobs 40.1
  • Alex Anzalone 47.6
  • Tracy Walker 49.9
  • Charles Harris 55.1

Full Grades

Here are all of the grades from Thursday's loss to the Packers:

Detroit Lions PFF Grades vs. Packers,Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Josh Paschal's Impressive Performance: With a high PFF grade of 78.3, rookie Josh Paschal showcased his potential, making significant contributions on the defensive end for the Detroit Lions.
  2. Jack Campbell's Consistent Impact: Linebacker Jack Campbell scored a solid 74.4, reflecting his consistent ability to impact the game positively, contributing both in tackling and coverage.
  3. Aidan Hutchinson and Derrick Barnes' Solid Contributions: Both Aidan Hutchinson (71.6) and Derrick Barnes (70.8) delivered commendable performances, demonstrating their importance in the Lions' defensive lineup.
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Bottom Line: The Defense Must Be Better

The Detroit Lions' defensive unit saw some strong individual performances, with Josh Paschal leading the pack. These efforts, however, need to be complemented by the rest of the team to translate into more effective defensive play overall. John Cominsky's grade of 68.5, while lower than his peers mentioned, still indicates a positive contribution, highlighting depth in the Lions' defense.