Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver says he’s ‘absolutely’ the right man to lead the rebuild

Despite leading the NBA in losses the last 4 years, Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver says that he's 'absolutely' the right man to continue to lead the rebuilding effort.

Despite leading the NBA in losses the last 4 years, Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver says he ‘absolutely' is the right man to continue to lead the rebuilding effort.

The Detroit Pistons have secured a modest two-game winning streak; however, despite this recent success, their overall record remains dismal at 8-43 through 51 games. In his first public remarks since his letter to Pistons fans last year, embattled GM Troy Weaver has stepped forward to defend his record. He stated emphatically that he remains the right person to continue leading the rebuilding efforts.

Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver

Weaver addresses the multiple Pistons trades at the NBA Trade Deadline

Weaver spoke to select media members earlier today and began by addressing the multiple trades that he made in time for yesterday's NBA Trade Deadline:

“Obviously because of where we have been with our record, changes needed to be made and we wanted to make some changes and shift the energy,” Weaver said. “But we are working away at making sure that we continue to build the roster but more importantly complement our young core. That didn’t happen the first half of season for various reasons, but we’re not going to cry with spilled milk.

“We didn’t get it done and we wanted to make sure we continue to add to our identity, defense and shooting during this trade deadline. As you seen the last couple nights, that young core really stood up and that’s on me that we didn’t do a good enough job complementing them first half of the season. Injuries, defense, whatnot, just wasn’t there. I own that.”

Weaver says he's ‘absolutely' the right GM for the Pistons

It's unfortunate that since Weaver assumed the role of GM in 2020, no NBA team has endured more losses than the Pistons. Nonetheless, Weaver maintains unwavering confidence in what he perceives as a gradual rebuilding process that he believes will ultimately yield success.

“Well, absolutely, I’m the right guy,” Weaver. “I sat here (in) June 2020 and said “We’re going to restore the Pistons,’ and that’s what we’re going to do. We have a plan in place. We have a young core that’s showing that they’re growing and they have a chance to be special players and it’s on us to continue to fortify that group. If you watched the last two nights, you should feel good about what’s ahead of us and the young core and the guys we believe in and we’ll continue to fortify this group.

“But like I said, from day one I’m unwavered on my assignment to restore the Pistons and that absolutely will happen. It’s taking a little longer. Like I said, we are in rough waters, but that’s only going to make us stronger and we are looking forward to brighter days and that will happen soon enough. I know the fans have been tremendous and they’re hurting and they want a winner on the floor no more than we do. And we’ll make sure that we’ll turn over every stone and work our tails off to put a team out there on the floor that they can be proud of and continue to come to LCA (Little Caesars Arena) and support us.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Despite a two-game winning streak, the Detroit Pistons remain the NBA's worst team with an abysmal 8-43 record
  2. At yesterday's NBA Trade Deadline, Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver conducted multiple deals
  3. Weaver remains defiant in the face of the most losses in the NBA over the last four years and says he's ‘absolutely' the right man for the job
Detroit Pistons Post NBA Trade Deadline Starting Lineup

Bottom Line: Weaver has not earned the right to be defiant

It's one thing to be confident, and it's a completely different thing to be delusional. The simple fact is that Weaver has proven that he's not the right GM for the job over the last four years, and that a two-game sample size does not qualify as a legitimate sign that the tide is starting to turn.

However, it doesn't appear as though Weaver is going to be going anywhere, meaning that Pistons fans will have to endure his bungling of the franchise for longer.

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