Detroit Red Wings’ center Dylan Larkin sure sounds like a captain

The Detroit Red Wings were in Traverse City on Friday to open up training camp for the 2019-2020 season, a season in which they will take the ice without an official captain.

No matter who you asked, the belief was that Red Wings center Dylan Larkin would be named captain before the start of the season. But GM Steve Yzerman decided it would be better to wait and get to know all of the players on his roster before making such an important decision.

That being said, if anyone is ready to take over as Red Wings' captain, it is Larkin. In fact, Larkin, who is just 23, sure sounded like a captain as he spoke to reporters in Traverse City.

Larkin revealed that he recently met with Yzerman about what he has to do to become a leader both on and off the ice.

From Detroit Free Press:

“Look at the guys that have led on our team before and what I can do to be an all-around leader,” Larkin said. “For me it’s exciting to have conversations like that where someone who has been through it and someone who has done it very well. It’s invaluable to my career. It’s something I’m excited and grateful for.”

Larkin made it 100% clear that he will accept nothing short of greatness from himself and his Red Wings' teammates.

“I want to win, I want to play well, I want to represent the city and my teammates and the fans and my family as well as I can,” Larkin said. “I’m a driven person. I want to be great. I want this team to be great, and I want to have a great season.”

Though Larkin will not have the C on his sweater this coming season, there is no doubt as to who is the leader of the Red Wings.