Red Wings’ Push to the Playoffs: A Tricky Equation Involving the Canadiens and Some Wishful Thinking

Detroit clings to playoff hopes and counts on rivals to stumble

The Detroit Red Wings have seemingly borrowed a page from Houdini’s playbook with their latest escapade against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This nail-biting performance has left fans with a shred of hope, and now, it’s not just about what Detroit can do on the ice – it’s also about crossing fingers and toes in hopes that the stars align.

Montreal Canadiens (30-36-14) vs. Detroit Red Wings (39-32-9)

When: Monday, April 15

Time: 7 p.m. ET

Where: Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, Mich.)

Channel: Bally Sports Detroit Extra

A Rollercoaster Saturday Night

Why Re-Signing Patrick Kane Should Be Priority for Detroit Red WingsWith playoff aspirations hanging by a thread, it wasn’t just the Red Wings‘ 4-1 lead that was blown; it was nearly the whole season. Picture this: Patrick Kane channels his inner Picasso but forgets it’s a hockey stick in his hand and not a brush, garnering not one, but two high-sticking penalties. The first sliced the suspense, allowing the Maple Leafs to claw back into a game that seemed all but over.

The “Kane’t Do That” Moments

Kane’s second infraction came at the season’s most unforgiving moment. With two minutes left in the third, any Red Wings fan worth their salt could practically hear the playoff door creaking shut. But, by some divine mercy, or perhaps just the rigors of disciplined hockey, Detroit killed it off, paving the way for Dylan Larkin to swoop in overtime like a superhero without the cape, sealing a “massive two points”.

Larkin euphorically recalls the moment, “It was one of the biggest of my career, and I’m hoping this year to have some more big goals. You can’t feel any better.”

The Do-or-Die Ahead

Now, let’s not kid ourselves. Detroit’s playoff chances are comparable to finding a parking spot downtown during rush hour. On Monday and Tuesday, the Red Wings face Montreal, and the equation reads like a dramatic math problem: Detroit must conjure a winning spell back-to-back and rely on those dastardly Capitals to somehow trip over their own skates, as they hold the tiebreaker with more regulation wins.

The Capitals have dates with the Bruins and Flyers, while the Penguins pal around with the Predators and Islanders. The universe has a peculiar sense of humor, and Red Wings fans are hoping it’s getting all its chuckles out now, to grant them a postseason pass.

Coach Lalonde Believes in Tough Love

Derek Lalonde confirms red wings

Derek Lalonde, a master of optimism, touted his team’s resilience, noting, “It’s been a unique up-and-down season… But it would be really hard, really hard, to knock this team’s compete and mental toughness.”

As for the rest of us in Hockeytown, we dust off the voodoo dolls of rival teams and refresh our lucky rituals. Because, in the end, who said the road to glory couldn’t include a little bit of magic and a lot of wishful thinking?

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

Founder of Detroit Sports Nation - Jeff Bilbrey manages the day to day operations of Detroit Sports Nation as well as all content delivery systems, ad networks and social platforms. Email him at [email protected]

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