Detroit Red Wings could delay flight to watch Detroit Lions playoff game

Detroit Red Wings could delay flight to watch Detroit Lions playoff game.

Detroit Red Wings could delay flight to watch Detroit Lions playoff game

The Detroit Red Wings, deeply invested in their own playoff aspirations, are showing remarkable solidarity with the Detroit Lions as the latter embarks on their playoff journey. This unique camaraderie between two of Detroit's major sports teams is not just about mutual support; it's a reflection of the city's unified sports culture.

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Derek Lalonde shares excitement for Lions game

Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde expressed this shared excitement and anticipation for the Lions' game, despite the challenge of staying focused on their own game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

From Detroit Free Press:

“It will be hard,” Wings coach Derek Lalonde said with a smile Friday when asked about keeping focused on hockey come Sunday night. The Wings have a game against the Maple Leafs in Toronto slated to start at 7:08 p.m., roughly an hour before the Lions kick off against the Los Angeles Rams.

Flight Delay to Watch the Lions?

The possibility of delaying their post-game flight to watch the Lions' kickoff against the Los Angeles Rams is more than a logistical consideration – it symbolizes a deeper connection and mutual respect within Detroit's sports fraternity.

“We’re all very excited for them and we’ll be getting our updates during the game when we can,” Robby Fabbri said. “I’m sure we’ll all be glued to the TV after our game is done.

“Maybe we’ll delay the plane a little bit so we can all watch it on our phones. In the air, we won’t be able to.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings express enthusiastic support for the Detroit Lions' playoff game, potentially delaying their flight to watch.
  2. Coach Derek Lalonde and players like Robby Fabbri show excitement for the Lions, despite their own game against the Maple Leafs.
  3. Solidarity within Detroit's sports community highlights a strong, united sports culture in the city.

The Bottom Line – A Tale of Two Teams

The gesture of the Detroit Red Wings potentially delaying their flight to cheer on the Detroit Lions in their playoff game is a heartwarming example of sportsmanship and community spirit. It transcends the boundaries of individual sports, highlighting a shared journey and mutual support among Detroit's teams. This inter-team camaraderie not only boosts the morale of the players but also unites the city, reinforcing the idea that in Detroit, sports is more than just a game – it's a unifying force that brings together teams, fans, and the community in a celebration of shared passion and pride.