Detroit Tigers sign unknown pitcher after he strikes out 3 stars in WBC

Earlier today the Detroit Tigers made a quiet signing picking up Duque Hebbert who is currently pitching for Nicaragua in the World Baseball Classic. This morning he made big news striking out Juan Soto, Rafael Devers, and Julio Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic.

Key Points:

  • Detroit Tigers signs Duque Hebbert from Nicaragua.
  • Hebbert struck out Juan Soto, Rafael Devers, and Julio Rodriguez.
Detroit Tigers Trevor Rosenthal

Meet Duque Hebbert

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Hebbert is a 21-year-old pitcher who wowed fans today striking out three big-name Major-League stars on just 14 pitches. He did give up a two-out double to Manny Machado but Machado would be stranded at second. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound pitcher was scouted by Luis Molina who is a scout for the Detroit Tigers at the game, and within an hour after the game ended would be signed a contract. Hebbert was signed to a minor league contract; it will be fun to see how his season turns out for the Tigers and where it leads.

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