Detroit Tigers stick up for 2014 Detroit Lions during 14-0 route of Rangers

If you happened to tune in for Monday night’s game between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers, you saw an offensive onslaught that has not been seen too often as of late for good guys.

In fact, the 14 runs the Tigers scored against the Rangers were the most runs they have scored all season long.

During the game, with the Tigers leading 14-0 in the seventh inning, whoever runs their Twitter account pointed out that the score looked like one that we would see in a football game.

“And the Lions take a 14-0 lead over the Cowboys!”

The Tigers then weighed in on the horrendous ruling from the Detroit Lions‘ 2015 NFC Wild Card matchup against the Cowboys.

“Now is a good time to remind you the Cowboys committed pass interference in the 2015 NFC Wild Card game and the refs missed that call.”

Well played, Tigers’ Twitter person!