Former Detroit Tigers OF Torii Hunter says police held him at gunpoint in his own home

By Arnold Powell  - News Desk Writer
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Unfortunately, yet another black man has been murdered by a police officer. This time, the man we are talking about is George Floyd, who was killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter and he will see his time in court.

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Since Floyd’s tragic death, many current and former professional athletes have spoken out about the fact that people of color are not treated as equals, the way they deserve to be.

One of the latest to speak out is former Detroit Tigers outfielder, Torii Hunter, who talked to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic about how he was once held at gunpoint in his own home.

From The Athletic:

I got that wake-up call quick. I went into my place, the alarm went off for a second and I cut it off. Maybe an hour later, I see cops at my door. I open my door and say, “Is everything OK?” And they said, “Freeze!” With the guns out. You know you’re coming to Torii Hunter’s house. You already know that!

The young guy had his gun down, but the older guy had his gun, and a vein popped out of his neck. I’m on one leg. He said, “Sit the f— down!” I said, “Hey man, this is my house, calm down.”

“And the young guy is looking at me like, “I think I know this guy.” The other guy still had the gun. And he says, “Is anybody else in the house?” I said, “No one else is in the house. This is my house.” I didn’t say nothing about baseball. And he walked me into the house with the gun in my back, to go upstairs to get my license. And when I showed him my license, the younger guy said, “I knew that was you.” And the guy said, “Who is he?” And he said, “He plays with the Angels.” Then this guy who had the gun on me says, “Oh, I’m an Angels fan. Can you leave me tickets?”


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