Jack Campbell talks about his new role on the Detroit Lions defense

Watch as Jack Campbell talks about his new role on the Detroit Lions defense.

Jack Campbell talks about his new role on the Detroit Lions defense

Detroit Lions rookie linebacker Jack Campbell‘s transition to the NFL has been a learning curve. In a bid to enhance their defense, the Lions are introducing Campbell to new roles and responsibilities. While he has the potential to become a linchpin of the team's defense, the Lions are gradually integrating him into the lineup alongside established players like Alex Anzalone and Derrick Barnes.

Jack Campbell talks about his new role

What did Jack Campbell Say?

Despite this transition, he embraces every opportunity presented to him, committing to excel in his evolving role. While Campbell currently focuses on the inside linebacker position, the experience he gains on the defensive line and as an edge player enriches his overall understanding of the game.

“Obviously I haven’t got a lot of experience (as an) on-the-ball backer. But right now, I'm taking anything that’s been given to me,” he said. “Whatever role I get, I'm going to own it to the best of my ability and just be that piece of the defense that if the coaches expect that out of me, they’re going to get that out of me. Right now, obviously, starting to morph into some pass rush stuff, setting edges.”

Additionally, Campbell actively participates in special teams, displaying his unwavering commitment to his team and the fans. His willingness to take on any role reflects his serious approach to football. Still, he's learning to strike a balance between maintaining focus and embracing the fun aspects of the sport, as his teammates encourage him to loosen up.

“Special teams is so fun because it’s literally just a mentality of you're lining up across from another guy and it’s who wants it more,” he said. “Obviously, you’re playing at the professional level, you’re not going to win every rep, but for me, I’m just trying to go out there and show the coaches with the Lions and also the NFL and the fans who they’re getting in a player. On the special teams unit, it’s full effort.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jack Campbell, a rookie linebacker for the Detroit Lions, is adapting to new roles within the team's defense.
  2. Despite his traditional linebacker background, Campbell is embracing pass-rushing responsibilities.
  3. He is also actively contributing to special teams, displaying his dedication and commitment to the team.

Bottom Line – Campbell's Dedication to the Team

In Jack Campbell, the Detroit Lions have a dedicated player who is willing to take on any role for the benefit of the team. His commitment to both his responsibilities and personal growth is evident. While he maintains a serious approach to football, Campbell's teammates are helping him strike a balance between focus and enjoyment. As he continues to adapt and excel, Campbell embodies the ethos of team-first football.