Why did Jack Campbell play so much vs. Jaguars? Dan Campbell explains

Why did Jack Campbell play so much vs. the Jaguars? Following the game, Dan Campbell explained why Jack played so much, despite other rookies and starters getting the game off.

Why did Jack Campbell play so much vs. Jaguars? Dan Campbell explains

The Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell chose to sit out most of his starters, along with some rookies, in Saturday's preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Among the rookies benched, notable mentions include Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam LaPorta. However, an intriguing exception was Jack Campbell, their first-round linebacker. Following the game, Dan Campbell explained the decision to play Jack for so long during Saturday's loss.

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How much Did Jack Play?

According to Pro Football Focus, Campbell played a whopping 32 defensive snaps, more than any other Lions linebacker during that game. He also played seven special teams snaps against the Jaguars.

What did Dan Campbell say?

So why did Dan let the rookie play so extensively? The reasoning is quite straightforward. Unlike other rookies, Jack didn't get the chance to practice significantly with the Jaguars during their joint sessions.

“Let’s let him go a little bit. Let’s let him play,” Dan Campbell said. “He is—man, speed of the game, picking it up, playing faster and we feel like the more he plays, the more we’re going to see out of it.”

Dan added that he is very excited about the Lions' linebackers' room heading into the season.

“Really love that room, really like it a lot where it’s going,” Campbell said. “I started with love and then went to like. Really love it, still love it. Now, we have a ton of confidence in all those guys and I feel like the room, as a whole, they all bring something different, and they all just continue to get better, I feel like every day. Barnes is playing at a high level. I feel like Jack has gotten better every time he’s gone out there and suited up.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. In a strategic move, the Detroit Lions chose to sideline a majority of their starters during the match against the Jacksonville Jaguars, focusing on preserving their new talents.
  2. Linebacker Jack Campbell emerged as an outlier, playing extensively during the game. This move was a deliberate decision to speed up his adjustment to the NFL's playing speed, given he missed significant joint practice sessions with the Jaguars.
  3. Head Coach Dan Campbell has expressed strong faith in his roster, particularly emphasizing Jack’s promise and potential as an invaluable asset for the team's future, as evidenced by his impressive tackle stats in the preseason.

Bottom Line – Play Now, Gain Forever

Dan Campbell’s confidence in his players, and especially in young talents like Jack Campbell, indicates a calculated approach. By protecting some while pushing others into the deep end, the Lions are aiming to construct a versatile and robust team that can take on future challenges with aplomb. It's not just about winning a game; it's about creating champions for tomorrow.


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