Jim Harbaugh discusses NFL conversation he had with J.J. McCarthy

Jim Harbaugh discusses NFL conversation he had with J.J. McCarthy.

Jim Harbaugh discusses NFL conversation he had with J.J. McCarthy

As the No. 1 ranked Michigan Wolverines gear up for their highly anticipated New Year’s Day matchup at the Rose Bowl against No. 4 Alabama, head coach Jim Harbaugh has shed light on a conversation he had with junior quarterback J.J. McCarthy regarding his potential NFL future.

Recently, McCarthy, who is focusing solely on the upcoming game, mentioned that Harbaugh had opened the door to discuss his NFL Draft prospects. However, McCarthy chose to concentrate on the present challenge, a mindset that Harbaugh not only appreciated but also strongly endorsed.

“He actually brought it up and asked if I wanted to talk about it in the week off, and I told him, ‘I’m only focused on ‘Bama, Coach, and he loved it,” McCarthy said last week. “He was fired up.”

Jim Harbaugh discusses NFL conversation Mandatory Credit: Junfu Han-USA TODAY
Mandatory Credit: Junfu Han-USA TODAY

Jim Harbaugh Believes J.J. McCarthy is NFL Ready

Harbaugh expressed his belief in McCarthy's readiness for the professional league, praising his quarterback's singular focus on the Rose Bowl game.

“Oh yeah, I think he’s NFL-ready,” Harbaugh said. “He said wanted to just wait, play the [Rose Bowl] game with single track mind, one track mind. I love it. Let’s keep doing that because that’s what’s got us here.”

“We’ll just stay in the here and now. See if we can’t dominate this day. But yeah, I can’t lie and say I don’t think he’s NFL-ready. I very much think he’s NFL-ready.”

Why it Matters

This approach, according to Harbaugh, has been a significant factor in bringing the team to its current successful position. McCarthy’s impressive regular-season stats, including 2,483 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions, alongside a completion rate of 74.3% at 9.7 yards per attempt, certainly underscore his potential for the NFL. His commitment to staying in the present and soaking in every moment with the team has been his priority, leaving the decision about his future until after the season concludes.

Jim Harbaugh - Mandatory Credit: Junfu Han (USA Today) Jim Harbaugh responds to NFL rumors
Jim Harbaugh – Mandatory Credit: Junfu Han (USA Today)

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jim Harbaugh discusses J.J. McCarthy’s focus on Michigan's upcoming game over NFL Draft talks.
  2. Harbaugh believes McCarthy is ready for the NFL, and appreciates his focus on the present.
  3. McCarthy's impressive season stats hint at a promising NFL future, but a decision is pending post-season.

The Bottom Line – A Leader On and Off the Field

The exchange between Harbaugh and McCarthy is more than just a conversation about the NFL; it's a reflection of the broader ethos within the Michigan Wolverines – a focus on present responsibilities while also preparing for future opportunities. McCarthy’s impressive record and stats make him a strong candidate for the NFL, but his decision to concentrate on the immediate task at hand speaks volumes about his leadership and commitment. As the Wolverines face Alabama, McCarthy’s performance will not only be pivotal for the team's success but also a showcase of his readiness for the next level in his football career.