Jim Harbaugh explains what Blake Corum returning to Michigan means to him

Saying that Jim Harbaugh is excited about Blake Corum returning to Michigan is an understatement.

There's a palpable wave of excitement across the Michigan Wolverines fanbase, and head coach Jim Harbaugh is sharing in the euphoria. The reason for their enthusiasm? Running back Blake Corum‘s announcement of his return for another season. A Heisman Trophy frontrunner before his knee injury, Corum's decision to forego the 2023 NFL Draft for another season in Ann Arbor has created a buzz of anticipation.

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Jim Harbaugh explains what Blake Corum returning to Michigan means to him

Speaking at his Big Ten Media Day press conference, Harbaugh was effusive about Corum's decision, expressing that it made his “day”, “week”, and “offseason”. Harbaugh highlighted Corum's desire for a full offseason to return stronger, faster, and quicker, and his ambition to enter the NFL fully prepared after a solid season. He lauded Corum's work ethic, leadership, and the positivity he brings to the team.

“Has it been part of the conversation? Blake said he's coming back. I mean, it was pull it in, pull it down, that made my day. Made my week. Made my offseason. What he shared with me was he wanted the full offseason. He wanted to be able to get not even back to where he was but better, stronger, faster, quicker than where he was. He wanted that season. And then when it was time for him to go into the NFL, he wanted to be able to go in fully prepared with a full workout leading up to those combines and to that draft. And when that time comes, I mean, nobody's going to get a better guy. They're not going to get a better more talented player. They're definitely not going to get a player that works harder or cares more or is more of an infectious, positive to his teammates in terms of being a leader.

Heck, the three guys that are here, Kris Jenkins, Mike Sainristil, Blake Corum, each one of those three are walking, talking billboards for how you should attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind and it's infectious on our team. I think Blake's in a great place. Everything he thought of, everything he visualized in terms of where he would be right now. He's well trained, well thought out, and he's in a great place.”

Key Points

  • Running back Blake Corum announces return for another season at Michigan.
  • Head coach Jim Harbaugh expresses excitement over Corum's decision.
  • Corum's return is perceived as a boost to the Wolverines' prospects.
  • Harbaugh lauds Corum's work ethic, leadership, and positive influence on the team.
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Bottom Line – A Wolverine's Return, A Team's Delight

Blake Corum's decision to return to the Wolverines for another season has sparked enthusiasm, optimism, and anticipation among the team and its fans. As Jim Harbaugh has passionately expressed, Corum's return isn't just about the promise of outstanding on-field performances; it's about the invaluable intangible benefits he brings to the team's spirit and dynamism. With Corum's return, the Wolverines are poised for a season of robust competition and an optimistic run for the College Football Playoff National Championship.