Jim Harbaugh weighs in on Cade McNamara’s performance vs. Colorado State

Following the game against Colorado State, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to reporters about Cade McNamara's performance.

For those of you who watched Saturday's game between Michigan and Colorado State, you probably came away thinking that Wolverines QB Cade McNamara did not exactly help himself when it comes to the Jim Harbaugh quarterback competition that has extended into the regular season.

During the game, McNamara completed just 50% of his passes for 136 yards and a touchdown to go along with zero interceptions (one interception was dropped) as the Wolverines had to settle for field goals more often than they wanted to in the first half.

Jim Harbaugh weighs in on Cade McNamara's performance vs. Colorado State

Following the game, Jim Harbaugh spoke to reporters about Cade McNamara's performance and he said McNamara had a “really good game.”

“Yeah, I thought he was really good,” Harbaugh said after the game. “He had a couple balls that were dropped. But just very good, doing — executing, as I said. No issues. You’ve gotta give credit to the quarterback as well when that’s taking place on offense. Moved the football, scored points and thought he had a really good game.”

“As I said, there was a few drops. You never go off of any one criteria. I think we can all agree, the way we’re doing this, we got a lot more information after two weeks than we would have two weeks ago.”

When asked about Harbaugh's decision to extend the quarterback competition into the regular season, McNamara said it was “pretty unusual.”

“I would definitely say it’s pretty unusual,” he said Saturday. “It was kind of a thing that I wasn’t expecting by the end of camp. I thought I had my best camp. I thought I put myself in a good position. That was just a decision that Coach went with.”
“I was confident in the way I performed over camp — definitely felt that way,” he said. “However, it’s just not my decision. So whatever it is, whatever my role is, I’m honored that my teammates recognize me for the role that I have currently. And that’s about it.” 
“It’s been fine,” he said. “I think this is sort of something that I’ve been dealing with, whatever part it was in my career. Whether it was before I played, with Joe [Milton], whether it was finally going in, whether it was last season, and now it is this season. I think at this point, I have a callus made on how to deal with these things.”
When told that McNamara seemed disappointed in the quarterback rotation, Harbaugh said he did not feel like he has to manage the situation.
“I don’t feel like I have to manage it,” Harbaugh said. “They’re both tremendous competitors. They both are warriors. I don’t feel I’ve got to manage anything. I’ve just gotta let them go out there and compete and do what they do.”

Nation, who do you think Jim Harbaugh will ultimately name as the starting QB for Michigan, Cade McNamara or J.J. McCarthy?