Lions GM Bob Quinn will continue lack of media availability

Ever since Bob Quinn took over as general manager of the Detroit Lions in January of 2016, he’s become known for rarely speaking to the media and the fans.

But don’t expect that to change any time soon.

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During a rare media session last week, Quinn reiterated that while he is aware of some of the frustration surrounding his decision to rarely make himself available to the public, he’s going to continue doing just that.

“I’m aware of that and I think I haven’t changed since I came here,” Quinn explained last week. “I think I have always done the offseason and let the coach handle the in-season. That’s been consistent since I got here in January of 2016, so you guys get Coach Patricia four or five times a week and that’s really the day-to-day of the team, the status of the team, the opponent, and all that stuff.

“And really, I’m behind the scenes trying to make the team better, trying to work with Matt and trying to work with the coaches. So, I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Are these the comments you wanted to hear from the Lions GM after another frustrating season?


The Detroit Lions next offensive coordinator will be…

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions FINALLY cut ties with offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter. It’s a move they should have made a long time ago as the guy could not play call himself out of a paper bag. But we are talking about the Lions and as we know, they always keep players, coaches, and general managers for way too long.

So, now that Cooter is gone, the speculation has begun as to who will be the Lions, next offensive coordinator.

Within an hour of the announcement that the Lions had decided not to renew Cooter’s contract, the local media and bloggers started to release their pieces on potential candidates to replace him. Some listed as few as five candidates while others seemed to list every offensive coach they have ever heard of.

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