LOOK: Former MSU LB Chris Frey takes shot at Jim Harbaugh, Michigan football

When it comes to college sports, there is no question about it that Michigan State University and their fans want to beat one team more than any other. That team, of course, is the University of Michigan.

Regardless of the sport, the Spartans absolutely love to beat the Wolverines. In fact, some would argue that Sparty would rather see Michigan lose a game than they would win a game themselves. The hatred is very real between Michigan and Michigan State (at least throughout the fan bases) and from time to time, some of the players get involved in talking trash.


On Monday, during and interview with The Drive with Jack and Tom on WQTX-92.1 FM in Lansing, former Spartans linebacker Chris Frey was very clear about how he feels about Jim Harbaugh's tenure so far as Michigan's head football coach.

Via MLive:

“Urban Meyer is a great coach, he's doing a great job at Ohio State, but Jim Harbaugh hasn't done anything yet,” Frey said of the Michigan coach during an appearance Monday evening on The Drive with Jack and Tom on WQTX-92.1 FM in Lansing “and he needs to beat Ohio State or Michigan (State) before they can even give him any respect.”

During his time in East Lansing, Frey and his team went 3-1 against the Wolverines including winning two of three since Harbaugh took over in Ann Arbor. That, coupled with Harbaugh's 0-3 record against Michigan's biggest rival, Ohio State, makes Frey's comment pretty accurate.

But Frey, who recently signed with the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted rookie free agent, took his thoughts a step further, specifically noting that Michigan is “always the preseason national champion.”

“I definitely think that Michigan State players come into that game ready to go because they feel the disrespect that is dished out to us every year by Michigan,” Frey said on The Drive with Jack and Tom. “They're always the preseason national champion – they are again this year with (transfer quarterback) Shea Patterson. They're already projected to be national champions, yet they can't beat a team with better than a .500 record.”

Frey is completely inaccurate with that comment as I cannot remember the last time anyone with any credibility picked Michigan to win the National Championship in football. In fact, after doing a bit of light research, there is not a publication out there picking the Wolverines to win it all this coming season, nor should they.

Regardless of the accuracy of Frey's comments about Harbaugh and Michigan, one thing is very clear, he CANNOT STAND the maize and blue!

And that is exactly how it should be.