LOOK: Ice and other fancy gadgets installed at Little Caesars Arena; first octopus sighting

Hard to believe we're already less than four weeks away from the official opening of Little Caesars Arena in the new District Detroit downtown. Olympia Entertainment recently announced that there will be a special ‘Preview Week‘ showing the week before the building opens, for anyone interested in getting an in-depth tour of the venue.

And when they do, they will see some of the more recent additions put in at Little Caesars Arena. Among them is the first sighting of ice!

And fittingly, with the first installment of the ice came the first throwing of an octopus, by who else but Olympia Entertainment buildings manager and Zamboni driver Al Sabotka.

Unfortunately, permission to share the video has not been allowed, but there is visual evidence of Al with octopus in hand!

Now among the more eye-catching features to the exterior of the building is the ‘Jewel Skin' outer layer. It is described as “hundreds of dimensional metal panels” that will project videos and graphics visible from the concourse.


There is also neon-lighted signage completed outside as well, one that interchanges depending on which team is home for that night, whether it be the Detroit Red Wings or Detroit Pistons.

Little Caesars Arena is set to open on Tuesday, September 12 with the first of many scheduled concerts by Detroit-native Kid Rock. That will begin a domino effect of events in the comings months. The Red Wings will play their first preseason game later that month before holding the first official regular season game on October 5.

The Pistons meanwhile will play their first exhibition of the season on October 4 before playing their first home game in the regular season two weeks later.