LOOK: Is Nicklas Lidstrom returning to the Red Wings…as an organist?

Nicklas Lidstrom is quite possibly the greatest defenseman ever to play in the National Hockey League.

In 20 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings, he scored 264 goals, dished out 878 assists, while putting up a career +450 in the +/- department. He was also awarded seven James Norris Memorial Trophies, which goes to the NHL’s best defenseman each season.

On Wednesday, Lidstrom returned to Detroit and he may have found himself a new job.

The Red Wings posted the following photo on their Facebook page with the caption, “Ladies and gentleman, we give you, the world’s greatest organist.”

Ok, so we highly doubt that Lidstrom will be taking over as the Red Wings organist anytime soon, but it sure is cool to see him back in Detroit!


Red Wings to test new policy to encourage fans to be in their seats

The Detroit Red Wings enjoyed hundreds of consecutive sellouts at Joe Louis Arena and were routinely at the top of the NHL in terms of attendance. The trend is continuing at Little Caesars Arena, where every game thus far has been announced as having been sold out.

However, it’s easy to see that just because every ticket has been sold, that doesn’t mean that every seat has a butt in it. There have noticeably been several open seats at home games for the Red Wings this season. Detroit Pistons games have seen even more empty seats, of course, which is not what officials planned on seeing after the move from Auburn Hills.

The routine reasoning given has been that the fans have been busy checking out the amazing new bars, restaurants and other concessions that are located throughout the concourses. Additionally, because neither team is seen as a championship contender, it has been reasoned that fans would simply rather check out the building as opposed to watching the action of whoever is playing that night.

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Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!

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