Mel Tucker’s fate has been decided by Michigan State AD Alan Haller

Mel Tucker's fate has been announced by Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller.

Michigan State AD Alan Haller has announced Mel Tucker's fate

The fallout continues for Mel Tucker, who was suspended with pay by Michigan State for his actions in which he is accused of sexual harrassment by rape survivor Brenda Tracy. According to athletic director Alan Haller, Tucker will have his contract terminated with cause.

Mel Tucker's fate

Tucker's contract contained a morality clause

Tucker's hefty contract included a clause that stated that he can be terminated if he “engages in any conduct which constitutes moral turpitude or which, in the University's reasonable judgment, would tend to bring public disrespect, contempt, or ridicule upon the University (e.g. material insubordinate or impropriety involving a student.)”

Mel Tucker's fate,Michigan State

Alan Haller has announced Tucker will be terminated with cause

In a statement, Haller has announced that Tucker will have his contract terminated.

Mel Tucker's fate

“I, with the support of administration and board, have provided Mel Tucker with written notice of intent to terminate his contract for cause,” Haller said. “This notification process is required as part of his existing contract. The notice provides Tucker with seven calendar days to respond and present reasons to me and the interim president as to why he should not be terminated for cause.”

“This action does not conclude the ongoing Office for Civil Rights case; that rigorous process will continue.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan State Spartans head coach Mel Tucker was suspended with pay due to his alleged sexual harasssment of rape survivor Brenda Tracy
  2. Tucker's contract includes a morality clause that allows him to be terminated with cause
  3. Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller has announced that Tucker's contract will in fact be terminated

Bottom Line: What horrible judgement by Tucker

Mel Tucker has brought shame not only to Michigan State University, but to himself and his family thanks to his unconscionable lack of judgement.

This is an especially brutal week for Spartans fans, and we certainly feel for them.

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