Michigan CB Josh Wallace announces NFL Draft decision

Michigan CB Josh Wallace announces NFL Draft decision.

Michigan CB Josh Wallace announces NFL Draft decision

On Saturday, the Michigan Football team celebrated their College Football National Championship by holding a parade down the streets of Ann Arbor followed by a celebration at the Crisler Center. One day later, some of the players who played a key role in the Wolverines winning the Natty for the first time since the 1997 season, have taken to social media to announce they are moving on. The latest to do so is cornerback, Josh Wallace.

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Josh Wallace Is Moving On

Here is what Wallace posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday afternoon.

1-Year Impact

Wallace, was was previously a team captain at UMASS, came to the Wolverines prior to the 2023 season via the NCAA Transfer portal. Though Wallace had his ups and downs throughout the season, when you look at the overall picture, there is no question about it that the Wolverines coaches are very happy with what they got out of him.

Wallace does not have any years of eligibility remaining, so it comes as no surprise that he is declaring for the NFL Draft.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Josh Wallace Announces Departure: After contributing to the Michigan Wolverines' National Championship victory, cornerback Josh Wallace took to social media to announce his decision to move on, marking the end of his time with the team.
  2. Impactful Year at Michigan: Wallace, a former team captain at UMASS who joined the Wolverines via the NCAA Transfer portal for the 2023 season, played a significant role in the team's success, earning the coaches' approval despite some challenges throughout the season.
  3. Declaring for the NFL Draft: With no remaining years of eligibility, Wallace's decision to declare for the NFL Draft is a natural progression in his football career, following his impactful stint with the Michigan Wolverines.
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Bottom Line: Moving On

Josh Wallace's journey with the Michigan Wolverines, though brief, was marked by significant contributions to a historic championship season. His announcement to enter the NFL Draft is a fitting next step for a player who has shown resilience and skill at the collegiate level. As Wallace transitions to the professional stage, his impact at Michigan will be remembered as a key part of the team's success in 2023, and his potential in the NFL will be something to watch closely.