Can The Michigan Wolverines Stay Undefeated Until Ohio State?

The Michigan Wolverines got a HUGE win in Iowa this week and it really never was close. A.J. and Eric will answer the question of whether or not they can stay undefeated until their show down with Ohio State.

Michigan Wolverines Got A HUGE Win In Iowa

A.J. Reilly: Let's talk Michigan football. And the Michigan Wolverines go into Kinnick Stadium in Iowa. A place that they have not traditionally won at. In fact, Jim Harbaugh was owned for lifetime going into the game on Saturday. Mm-hmm. . And they come away with a victory 27 to 14. What's your takeaway? What'd you think about the Michigan Wolverines football? I know you love Michigan football.

Eric Vincent: I hate it. I specifically love Jim Harbaugh. Yeah. I gotta, man, I gotta be objective. I can't lie. Listen, I don't expect Michigan to be perfect. I didn't think they would be, and there was a lot of things that was unsold though, with this team. But what they're repeating from last season is giving me encouragement that they're for real. They have NFL players on that defensive.

You saw it, they were taking possessions over in the second half by themselves. They were just hitting, bringing the stops. Like they were limiting Iowa a lot offensively. They got in, and that's what I wanted. Go back to the Lions, but this is what you wanna see. Dominant defensive lines make all the the difference in the world, excuse me.

And seeing that kind of pressure being able to resonate, it helped them create turnovers in games before. And I think this is what's gonna carry. Into the success that they're gonna have throughout the Big 10. I like what I saw from JJ McCarthy. I like what I'm seeing from Blake Corum. He's a absolute dog. Still.

A.J. Reilly: That move that he put on, that dude in the hole does seal. 

Eric Vincent: Mike Harbaugh, he might have a son. He looks a lot like him. Not even just his build, but his running style. He's got a love coaching him. I love what I see from him out the backfield. The Michigan Wolverines looks like serious business right here, so I'm really buying a lot of stock with what I see 

A.J. Reilly: from him.

Yeah. And so here's the question, right? And this is something I want to hear thoughts from the crowd on as well. Based on what you've seen from Michigan through five games, can they stay undefeated going into Ohio State? And remember, Ohio State's gonna be at Ohio State this year, and it looks like it could be a top five matchup at the end of the season.

Again, if everything holds true. What I love about Saturday is JJ McCarthy didn't light up the score. But he did enough. Yeah, he played well enough to win. And if you got a run game that's as solid as the Michigan Wolverines' run game against one of the better Big 10 defenses that they are going to see. I mean, this was literally, and somebody likened it to this in the, earlier in the week, it was an unstoppable force of the Michigan offense verse unmovable object.

You know that big philosophical question as well. Mm-hmm. in the Iowa Defense and. The unstoppable force went out at the end of the. Know, I was clearly held back by their offense. And their inability with Petras is their quarterback to push the ball down field and make plays and score, I think they scored what their second or third touchdown all season.

That's probably a wrong stat, but it's close. It's not very far off. Mm-hmm. , but the Michigan Wolverines did exactly what the Michigan Wolverines needed to do against, the defense. It may be one of the tougher ones that they'll see all season. Ohio State's defense is not as good as I was. No. Penn State's defense I don't think will be as good as I was, even though they do have Joey Porter Jr.

Out there who looks like a stud at Penn State. But can they stay undefeated? Eric? Do you think that they can stay undefeated until they get to Ohio? 

Eric Vincent: Sadly I do. I really do. I'm not really impressed with a lot of the teams I'm seeing that they got coming up. Michigan State's on a downs slide. Even when they do gotta play Penn State on the 15th, like they're playing at home and the Michigan Wolverines have been holding serve at home beautifully all season.

Michigan State is gonna be the Spartans when they go to Ann Arbor. That's their super. They got, they're gonna believe everything out that game. And I think if they're able to survive those two, I think they'll be undefeated by the time they get to Ohio State. I don't see a whole lot of resistance that they're gonna see from Rutgers, Nebraska or Illinois, you know, turns down towards the end of the season.

So we always get this kind of dramatics between The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State towards the end of the year, and I think we're just gonna see the repetition of that again. I think they're gonna go undefeated. 

A.J. Reilly: I do. Yeah I don't really see, I haven't seen enough from Penn State to really be, a challenge for the Michigan Wolverines. It'll be, it's always a challenge, Penn State. But I take Jim Harbaugh over James Franklin any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Mm-hmm. Indiana this week. Not gonna be a huge test. But you gotta look at these like trap games too, right? I've got the Michigan Wolverines schedule. Pulled up here.

Okay. In the end of this week, Penn stayed at home. Michigan stayed at home, Yep. And then at Rutgers, and then Nebraska at home. The two games that worry me are at Rutgers and Nebraska at home. And the reason why they worry me is coming off of Penn State and Michigan. Those are the, At Rutgers game specifically is a trap game for Michigan.

Okay. You've played Penn State at home in Maza. You've played your rival who always plays you tough, regardless if they're secondary or Swiss cheese or not. They play you tough. You've got those two highly competitive games, and then you go to New Jersey to play Rutgers. That could be a trap. Yeah, I think the Michigan Wolverines will, ultimately prevail.

Cause I just think we're way more talented than Rutgers is. But those games, and then Nebraska, Nebraska has nothing to play for and nothing to lose. Mm-hmm. . And they shouldn't be as bad as what they were under Scott Frost. So That's true. It's going to be very interesting to see how they handled those two games.

I think they went in Indiana. I think they beat Penn State. I think that they're gonna beat Michigan State as well. My worry is gonna be what happens when you get to Rutgers and what happens. Joseph said the run game, setting up other weapons as well. Yeah. Ohio State will be the test on the road. I think you're absolutely right, Joseph.

A hundred percent. No doubt about that. Yeah. But there were showing two undefeated teams in Columbus. You here for? 

Eric Vincent: I'm here for it. I think it'll be good. I mean, we both kind of feel the same about Stroud. I don't really buy a whole lot into him, honestly. I feel like Michigan's defense can put some pressure on him.

Even in Ohio State. I think that defensive line's gonna give him some problems. And they show that they don't have to be perfect to win. Not granted, It's not against the competition, like what they're gonna see at Ohio. State, but I kind of think they're the better team at this moment right now because of how they're playing on both sides of the football. So yeah, I'm really high on what I'm seeing from Michigan right now. 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah, I am too. It's gonna be exciting. They got, Indiana this Saturday. It's gonna be Fox's big noon kickoff. So make sure you are tuning in for that.

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