Miguel Cabrera putting in work during Detroit Tigers offseason (VIDEO)

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Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera came into last season with a renewed commitment to nutrition and fitness.

During last season’s shortened schedule, he blasted 10 home runs with 35 RBI, and he’s putting in the work this offseason to be in shape for Spring Training.

The Tigers released a video of Cabrera trying a new batting technique as he prepares for the upcoming campaign:

How will Miggy perform this season?

3 thoughts on “Miguel Cabrera putting in work during Detroit Tigers offseason (VIDEO)”

  1. I think he’ll under-perform from his career totals as he’s clearly on the down-side. However, he’ll be more productive than the past few years.

  2. IF he manages to keep himself in shape AND stays healthy I foresee him hitting around .280 with 20-25 HR’s and 80-85 RBI’s.

  3. Don’t count on it. That ship has sailed. It’s time to unload the unnecessary salary for an unproductive player.

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