AWESOME! Child with autism can’t find Detroit Tigers hat so he makes his own

There are fans and there are SUPERFANS.

Jean-Luc of Shelby, North Carolina certainly falls into the SUPERFAN category for his efforts to display his allegiance to the Detroit Tigers.

As you will read below, Jean-Luc, who is diagnosed with autism, took matters into his own hands when his family was unable to find him a Tigers hat in North Carolina.

Way to go, Jean-Luc!!!

From Detroit Tigers Facebook page:

For this week’s #TigersFanFridays, meet Jean-Luc, an avid #Tigers fan from Shelby, North Carolina. Jean-Luc, 14 years old, has yet to attend a professional baseball game, but he could tell you stats and figures about each player.

Diagnosed with autism, Jean-Luc first picked up his fandom at a young age, listening to announcers rattle off stats and other information about the team during a broadcast while visiting family in Michigan. It also helped that his family grew up rooting for the Tigers. His mother, Ann has been to Comerica Park before and his father grew up rooting for the Tigers in Sterling Heights.

He dressed up as Miguel Cabrera for Trunk or Treat in his neighborhood, even sewing the Olde English D on to the hat when his family couldn’t find one in North Carolina (we might be able to help out with that next year).

This spring, he plans to help out his school’s baseball team in some capacity. Come summer, Jean-Luc and his father hope to attend their first professional baseball game, along with their mother, at Comerica Park.