The NBA is having the best offseason Twitter war, and it involves cereal

NBA teams need to fill the vacuum of the offseason with some form of entertainment. Many try to speculate on tweets, run away from LeBron James, or simply hang out during the summer. What many geniuses at the marketing department of NBA teams have done however, is wage a Twitter war against each other under the hashtag, #NBACereals.

You read that correctly, NBA teams are so bored during the summer that they have instigated a Twitter war with photo-shopped NBA-themed cereal boxes. You name a cereal, and it was likely utilized in a tweet.

The goal of this challenge was to super cut any and all existing properties for an NBA team onto a preexisting cereal box. The graphic designers for each team were hard at work on clearly the most random thing they’ve ever done for their respective teams. But hey, I guess that’s what a slow offseason can bring when free agency, the NBA Draft, and Summer League are over with.

The majority of the league’s teams got in on the action. And nobody was safe, as both current and former players, no matter the caliber of their play, were potential victims.

Here are some of the plethora of examples of just how great it can be when professional teams have too much time on their hands.

There’s also this one submitted via Whistle Sports in Twitter, it’s a cereal that certainly gives a little kick… literally.

Detroit Sports All-Time Greats By Jersey Number

Which one is your favorite? What mash up of cereal and Detroit Pistons would you use?

Personally we’re going for a Bad Boys’ themed one titled “Laimbeer Smacks” or Goin’ to Work “Chauncey BBBBBillups Crunch”.

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