NCAA Senior Vice President: College Basketball plans to start on schedule

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We’ve seen fall sports cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the country in recent weeks. However, college basketball fans still have something to look forward to – for now.

In a statement by NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Davitt, he explained that the season is still scheduled to begin on November 10.

“We are planning on starting the season, right now, on schedule,” Gavitt said in a brief interview posted on the NCAA March Madness Twitter account on Saturday. “We have plans across the country through our schools and conferences to bring students back to campus safely this month in August and in early September. Many players have been on campus for weeks now training on campus in a very safe way.

“We’ve got a high level of confidence that as long as basketball is being played safely anywhere in the world this season that we’ll be playing NCAA college basketball.”

A potential decision on a new starting date or a choice to “consider other alternatives” won’t be made until September.

– – Quotes via James Hawkins of The Detroit News Link – –