NFL analyst ties Jalen Ramsey to Detroit Lions

Within the next few days, one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, Jalen Ramsey, will almost surely switch zip codes.

Ramsey had made it clear that he wants the Jacksonville Jaguars to trade him ASAP and according to reports, they are trying to make that happen.

The question is, where does Ramsey end up?

According to NFL analyst Bucky Brooks, the Detroit Lions would be a great fit for Ramsey.

Here is what Brooks had to say about a potential Lions/Ramsey marriage.

“On the surface, the Lions and Ramsey wouldn't appear to be a match made in heaven, based on Matt Patricia's gruff persona, but the defensive task master's scheme (man coverage) would enable No. 20 to lock up pass catchers in his preferred style. Ramsey would team up with Pro Bowl corner Darius Slay to give the Lions the best 1-2 CB punch in the game, striking fear in the hearts of offensive coordinators in the NFC North.”

Nation, do you agree that the Lions would be a good fit for Ramsey?