Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan Football fans as ‘sniveling’

Taking it to a new level: Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan Football fans as 'sniveling' for their response to the Jim Harbaugh suspension.

Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan Football fans as ‘sniveling' for their response to the Jim Harbaugh suspension.

The Big Ten recently delivered a blow to Michigan Football, imposing a ban on head coach Jim Harbaugh from the sidelines for the remainder of the regular season due to an alleged sign-stealing scandal. Despite Harbaugh's absence, Michigan triumphed over Penn State this weekend, continuing their undefeated record at a perfect 10-0. However, the jubilation among Wolverines fans has sparked criticism from Paul Finebaum, who has vehemently criticized Michigan and Harbaugh.

Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan fans

Paul Finebaum has previously criticized the Big Ten and lamented giving Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt

Finebaum recently made a significant admission, expressing regret for having previously given Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt regarding the sign-stealing scandal.

“Two weeks ago, I sat here with you and made the biggest mistake of my professional career. I gave Jim Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt. Never again,” he said on November 1. “This is a disgusting story with every revelation which happens every single day of the week. And the fact that the Big Ten has not done anything yet is inexcusable.”

He subsequently asserted that anything Michigan achieves from that point onward would be tainted by the scandal.

“Everything that happens from here on with [Michigan] is going to be tainted. … If Michigan wins the national championship and Jim Harbaugh is given that trophy, I think the rest of the sports world is going to turn its nose in disgust.”

Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan Football fans as ‘sniveling'

Michigan vs. Everybody

Finebaum took his rhetoric to a new level today on The Matt Barrie Show, targeting Michigan fans.

“As somebody who deals with fan bases from primarily one conference, but it branches out a little bit broader beyond that, I’ve never come in contact with a fan base that’s as insecure and consumed with their own self-worth in a false way,” Finebaum said. “There’s no more sniveling fan base in America than Michigan, either.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football's head coach, Jim Harbaugh, received a game-day coaching suspension for the rest of the regular season by the Big Ten.
  2. Meanwhile, commentator Paul Finebaum has been vocal in his criticism of both Harbaugh and Michigan, expressing regret for previously granting them the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Earlier today, Finebaum sharply labeled Michigan Football fans as “sniveling.”

Bottom Line: Finebaum clearly has made his objections known

Finebaum's relentless criticism of Michigan has reached new heights, particularly in his recent targeting of Michigan fans who have rallied behind the suspended Harbaugh.

There's anticipation regarding whether Finebaum will intensify his anti-Michigan stance further, especially if the Wolverines continue their winning streak. Eyes are peeled for any escalations in his rhetoric.

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