REPORT: Detroit Lions’ chances of landing on HBO’s Hard Knocks improves

Each year, one NFL team is chosen to be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The reality series brings their cameras and microphones and does their best to capture everything they possibly can from training camp.

Teams can avoid mandatory inclusion on ‘Hard Knocks’ if they fall under any of the following three exemptions.

  • 1) They have a first-year head coach.
  • 2) They have a playoff berth in the past two seasons.
  • 3) They have appeared on “Hard Knocks” in the past 10 years.

Teams who are eligible to be on ‘Hard Knocks’ this season include the following teams.

  1. Detroit Lions
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Oakland Raiders
  4. New York Giants
  5. Washington Red Skins

Well, according to a report, the 49ers are no longer part of the conversation which means the Detroit Lions chances of landing on ‘Hard Knocks’ just improved.

Nation, would you like to see the Lions on ‘Hard Knocks?’


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