REPORT: Justin Upton drawing interest from Giants

Even though the trade deadline passed on July 31st, numerous Tigers have been thrown around in waiver trades over the past month. The latest name being tossed around is Justin Upton, who is drawing interest from the San Francisco Giants.

Upton is among the numerous Tigers that have cleared waivers during August and thus can be traded to any team willing to negotiate. Apparently, that team is one that is 40 (you read that right) games out of their divisional race and 19 out of a Wild Card spot.

Upton is owed $22.125 million each of the next four season, with a player option in each. The move would clear some cap room for the Tigers who are looking to rebuild in the coming years and will give the Giants a hefty bat in the middle of their lineup as they look to compete with the Dodgers in 2018.

Upton has been nothing short of spectacular this season, leading the club in home runs, RBIs, and OBP. His renaissance this season has been a welcomed sight in such a down turn of a season.

The Giants have had a rough season, to say the least, but are looking toward the future. The Giants farm system is ranked 17th according to, and labeled by the as “solid.” Any deal would have to include only minor league players, as Major League talent would have to have cleared waivers. However, Upton’s opt out clause could throw a wrench in any negotiations between the two sides. But if something can be worked out, it’ll be interesting to see what type of package J-UP would bring.