RUMOR: Jim Harbaugh in heavy discussions with NFL team

Jim Harbaugh in heavy discussions with NFL team: Don't shoot the messenger, but according to this report, Harbaugh has already considered moving.

RUMOR: Jim Harbaugh in heavy discussions with 1 NFL team

Well, here we go again. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has found himself back at the center of NFL rumors, even before he's had a chance to lead the Wolverines in the current season. One rumor floating around suggests that Harbaugh is engaged in “heavy discussions” with an NFL team, particularly the Los Angeles Chargers, sparking intrigue about his potential return to the professional league.

Michigan's offensive coordinator Jim Harbaugh in heavy discussions with NFL team

Another Year, Another Harbaugh to the NFL Rumor

According to Matt Marchese of Sportsnet 590 The FAN, Harbaugh is in talks about a possible move to Los Angeles, engaging in “heavy discussions” with the Chargers. These discussions have surfaced, raising questions about Harbaugh's future in college football.

Marchese speculates that the Harbaugh-Chargers pairing could materialize regardless of the Chargers' performance this season unless they reach the Super Bowl under their current head coach, Brandon Staley.

He even added that Harbaugh has discussed moving to L.A. with someone in his “very inner circle.”

“I think Jim Harbaugh is just sick of this nonsense in college,” Marchese said. “He can go to a team in the L.A. Chargers that has an elite young quarterback [Justin Herbert], a very good offensive structure and offensive weapons, and also has a very talented defense that maybe — just maybe — he can turn around.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. According to a rumor, Jim Harbaugh is engaged in “heavy discussions” with the NFL's Los Angeles Chargers.
  2. Speculation about Harbaugh's return to the NFL has emerged before he has coached a game for Michigan this season.
  3. The potential move could signal Harbaugh's desire for a new challenge after his college coaching career.

Bottom Line – A New Chapter for Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh's possible shift to the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers is a development that captivates football enthusiasts. The allure of coaching in the professional league, combined with the opportunity to work with young talent like Justin Herbert, presents an enticing prospect. Harbaugh's decision could mark a significant chapter in his coaching career, one that fans and pundits eagerly await. With that being said, we have gone through this before, and we will go through it again. Until Harbaugh himself comes out and says he is interested in the Chargers job, then I am not buying it.