Former Michigan Wolverine Khaleke Hudson officially signs NFL contract

The pen has been put to paper, and it’s now official! The only thing that has yet to be made official, however, is the name of the team. Former Michigan Wolverines standout defender Khaleke Hudson has signed his first NFL contract with Washington’s NFL franchise, formerly known as the Redskins. Per, the deal is … Read more

Company that manages registers as we await new NFL Washington nickname

The NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins officially no longer goes by that nickname, as it has long been viewed as racially insensitive to Native Americans. And while there have been several suggestions on potential new names for the team, the process hit a snag when over 40 nicknames were suddenly trademarked. But … Read more

Son of Redskins logo designer unhappy with team decision to rebrand

The NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins are officially looking for a new name, as the Redskins nickname was dropped earlier this week after nearly 90 years. The name change comes on the heels of pressure for a switch from the moniker that some found to be racially insensitive, especially during this time … Read more

NFL releases statement regarding misconduct within Washington’s franchise


The drama surrounding the NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins continues as a bombshell report was published yesterday by The Washington Post detailing allegations of sexual assault by 15 female employees of the team. Team owner Dan Snyder released a statement earlier today regarding the report, and now the NFL has also responded, … Read more

Bombshell: 15 female Washington Redskins employees allege sexual harassment

A rumor began circulating earlier in the week that a bombshell was about to be dropped on the NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins, and that report is now out. According to The Washington Post, 15 female employees of the franchise are alleging they faced sexual harassment by various members of the organization. … Read more

Navajo Nation has name suggestion for Washington’s NFL franchise

The Washington Redskins officially ditched their moniker this week after almost 90 years, and will soon be unveiling a new team rebranding. And while there have been several suggestions made for the franchise’s new identity, one notable nickname has been put forth. The Navajo Nation has suggested that the team rebrand as “The Code Talkers” … Read more

Washington’s NFL franchise minority owners make decision regarding ownership

The Washington Redskins are officially no more, as the team dropped the moniker they’d had for nearly 90 years. And that’s just the start of the upcoming drama surrounding the team. A report earlier today from ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the team has hired a notable Washington D.C. attorney to investigate the inner workings … Read more

New twist with Washington’s NFL franchise as high profile D.C. attorney hired to “review organization’s protocols”

The Washington Redskins officially dropped the “Redskins” moniker earlier this week after nearly 90 years, and will be announcing a new team name soon. In the meantime, the team has hired a high profile Washington D.C. attorney to review the organization’s protocols, which may help shed some light on the franchise’s inner workings. A story … Read more

Washington Post writer says Texas Rangers need to change name

The NFL’s Washington Redskins will be unveiling their new name at some point today after deciding on a rebranding due to the fact that some Native American groups have described their name and logo as racially insensitive. Additionally, MLB’s Cleveland Indians have undergone discussions regarding their team name, as well as the Atlanta Braves discussing … Read more

Predicting what the Washington Redskins next team name will be

On Monday, the Washington Redskins made it official that the “Redskins” nickname will be retired, with the announcement of the new team name coming at a later date. Washington Redskins release statement regarding team name/logo change With that news, the big question is, what will the Washington franchise choose to be their new nickname. I … Read more