Tooksie-Small Business Friday

From lunch with friends to date night and any occasion in between, Tooksie has you covered. With accessories to match too!

This week’s feature is Tooksie. Tooksie brings you a boutique shopping experience at the click of button! With merchandise that has been sourced from Europe, and made with quality that will last. From lunch with friends to date night and any occasion in between, they've got you covered. With accessories to match too. And it won't break the bank either!

Visit, and use the code First Time for 20% off your first order.

Detroit Sports Nation has always tried to give back to the local small businesses in Michigan, and now we are taking it up a notch! Every week, a new business will be featured across our platforms, absolutely no strings attached, no charge.

The Brand:

My name is Valerie, and I am the owner of Tooksie. I’m a UK ex pat living in Michigan, USA.

As an avid shopper and living in Michigan, I found it difficult to find stylish clothing without having to visit mainstream clothing stores. I loved boutique shopping when I lived in London, and was used to snapping up super cute, unique clothing that didn’t have a designer label on it at a good price. Because I wasn’t able to find anything like this at the time, I created Tooksie to bring the boutique experience online to other women who felt the way I did. In my experience, finding a great buy at a boutique is much more fun than picking up a mass-produced item off the shelf.

All Tooksie merchandise is sourced predominantly from Europe. Style and quality is important to me as I love when clothing is made to last and can be worn over and over again, and still looks amazing. I want you to look stunning with your confidence boosted wearing our flattering pieces, whether it’s everyday casual or dressed up, and even better, at an affordable price.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!


You can find Tooksie here:


Facebook: Tooksie

Pinterest: Tooksie

Instagram: @tooksiefashion


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