Washington Football Team gets decision on trademark request

For those of you that were hoping the Washington Football Team kept that name moving forward, you will be disappointed to know that the Washington Football Team trademark request has been denied. 

From Washington Post:

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Friday issued an initial refusal of the Washington Football Team’s application to trademark the name, creating a hurdle for the team to keep it on a permanent basis but offering only a momentary distraction if the team plans to choose any other name following the 2021 season.

The USPTO’s decision came almost one year after the initial filing made in July 2020 and cited two primary factors: the generic geographic nature of the request and previous registrations by trademark squatter Martin McCaulay.

The team likely expected this decision, which will not prohibit them from using the name on its jerseys or merchandise, but it does highlight why it will be difficult to register the WFT trademark, said Jamie Vining, a Florida lawyer and trademark expert.

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