WATCH: Mark Dantonio and Mark Hollis close book on investigation with presser

The big news of the day took place in East Lansing when Michigan State football players — or former now, rather — Donnie Corley, Josh King and Demetric Vance were officially charged with criminal sexual conduct and promptly dismissed from the program by head coach Mark Dantonio.

Only Vance of the three were formally arraigned in front of a judge on Tuesday. He has been expelled from the university as well and, per his attorney, plans to appeal that action.

Both Dantonio and Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis held a presser on Thursday shortly after the news broke of the players' identities being revealed to the public and the charges being brought.

Hollis was visibly disturbed and emotional discussing the matter that took place on campus, a place he has called “his home.” Dantonio meanwhile went in depth on what it was like bringing in the players last season, and how he feels more “angry” than betrayed.