WHOA! 5-Star Michigan QB recruit J.J. McCarthy REALLY hates Ohio State

McCarthy believes he was lied to

Michigan hates Ohio State.

That is something that will always be true, no matter how long the world goes on.

But sometimes, players come the Wolverines from a different part of the country and it takes some time for them to truly understand the rivalry and to build up the hatred.

Well, that is not the case for Michigan‘s 2021 5-star quarterback recruit, J.J. McCarthy.

In an interview with The Athletic, McCarthy revealed that though he once loved the Buckeyes, he no longer feels that way. In fact, he now hates Ohio State.

“I used to love them,” McCarthy said. “Now I want to kill them.”

“Coach Day told me he wasn’t going to take (a 2021 quarterback) until the end of summer or anything like that because he wanted to make sure everything was all good, so I didn’t really worry about all that during my visit,” McCarthy said. “But I didn’t get that feeling when I was there. I really didn’t, with all the coaches there and how they interacted with us, I didn’t feel the big family tradition part of it. It was either you’re good at football or you’re over here. That’s what I felt.”

McCarthy understands the business aspect of things but he does not appreciate being lied to.

“I get it’s a business,” McCarthy said. “But it always sucks being lied to. And that’s kind of where the rivalry started for me. And the hatred. But what are you going to do? It’s a business and they have to do what they have to do. They lied to my face, but it’s all good now.”

McCarthy is considered the No. 2 pro-style QB in the class of 2021 and some say he is clearly Jim Harbaugh’s top quarterback recruit since he took over at Michigan.

Only time will tell how good McCarthy is but you can bet he will be ready to take down the Buckeyes!



Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!

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