8 Reasons why it’s great to be Michigan football fan


Here are 8 reasons, in no particular order, why it is great to be a Michigan football fan. GO BLUE!




The University of Michigan has one of the most recognized logos in sports. The Michigan football team has used block ‘M’ since the late 1800s and it has changed very little.

Though the Block ‘M’ may be one of the simplest logos in sports, it is also one of the greatest.


If you have ever tailgated before a University of Michigan football game you know it is a huge part of game day. There is nothing better than getting to the Big House at 8 am and partying right up until game time!


One of the best parts of being a University of Michigan football fan is the great rivalries. Whether it be their biggest rival, Ohio State, or Michigan State, or even Notre Dame, there is something about waking up on game day. Things just feel a bit different when one of those games is coming up on the schedule and the world seems to stop.

The best part about those rivalries is that Michigan has a winning record in each of them!


Through their first game of the 2021 college football season, the University of Michigan has won 965 games in their storied history, more wins than any other team in college football. Sprinkled throughout that, Michigan has captured 11 national titles (3rd in FBS), and 42 conference crowns.



Since 1898, the University of Michigan Marching Band has been an integral part of Michigan football games.

In addition to playing “The Victors” before every home game, the Michigan Marching Band also was the first to play the first “script Ohio” which is now used by the Ohio State marching band. Yet another reason why it is better to be a Wolverine than a Buckeye!


Michigan has had some amazing players throughout their history. They have had 81 consensus All-Americans, good for 3rd among FBS programs, and three Heisman Trophy winners – Tom Harmon (1940), Desmond Howard (1991), and Charles Woodson (1997).

Additionally, their 387 players drafted are 5th among FBS programs.



Michigan Stadium, which is nicknamed “The Big House,” is the largest stadium in America and the second-largest stadium in the entire world.

The Big House has a capacity of 107,601 but has a record crowd of 115,109 which was set on September 7, 2013, when the Wolverines hosted Notre Dame.


The University of Michigan arguably has the best fight song in all of college football. “The Victors” has been around since 1898 and though it did not become the official fight song until years later, it is a song that is immediately recognizable around the country.

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