5 BOLD predictions for the Detroit Lions against the Commanders

Everyone likes the feeling of making the great call. Here are 5 BOLD predictions for the Detroit Lions against the Commanders.

The Detroit Lions will welcome another foe from the NFC East when the Washington Commanders step on the turf at Ford Field this Sunday. Unlike the Lions, the Commanders are coming off a Week One victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. For the Lions to earn their first victory of the 2022 season, they'll have to do more than bite kneecaps and moral victories. Here are 5 BOLD predictions for the Lions against the Commanders.


5. Aidan Hutchinson Will Grab 2 Sacks

Okay, the headline's wording may not look the way it sounded in my mind, but I agree with its meaning. A small percentage of Lions fans have already let their loud voices be heard on the displeasure of Hutchinson not feeling up the stat sheet in Week One. Let's say this together, “It was his first game.” While Hutchinson didn't earn a sack in the stat book, he did bring pressure to Jalen Hurts, who decided to scramble like a prime Mike Vick. Expect the 2022 first-round pick to be fueled by fire this week, collecting the first two sacks of his young career.


4. Commanders Change Name Back To The Football Team At Halftime

When you think of bold predictions, what is it that crosses your mind? For me, it's someone stating outrageous statements that could be true, but sometimes a person says something that you know will be nearly impossible. The Commanders reverting back to The Football Team would be the greatest correct prediction in sports history. Nobody wants to see the Comandos. They want to see The Football Team. Did anyone get odds on this yet?


3. The Lions Will Hold The Commanders To Under 100 yards Rushing

It's no secret the Lions' run defense was abysmal in Week One. The Philadelphia Eagles torched the defense, racking up 181 yds on the ground, with Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts eclipsing 90yds or more apiece. The Commanders rushed for just 95yds last week against the Jaguars. Yes, the Jaguars' front four helped the defense score the 9th best defensive grade according to PFF, but the Lions should know to expect a heavy dose from Antonio Gibson on Sunday. The Lions will stunt the Commanders' run game.

2. D'Andre Swift Will Rush For 200 yards

The brightest star in the Lions' Week One loss to the Eagles had to be D'Andre Swift. Everyone in the Lions organization and the fan base knew this day would be possible, but we didn't know when. Swift rushed for 144yds and found end endzone once. The performance was exactly what everyone had been waiting for. Yes, recent news of an injury has me slightly worried, but I think Swift is on a mission to be one of the best backs in the league

1. The Lions Will Win By Double Digits

This team is starving for a victory. They have the talent to win this game against the Commanders. The biggest thing holding back a team of the Lions' caliber is putting together four straight quarters of successful football. If Week One showed anything, it's that Detroit can compete with teams who are believed to be Super Bowl challengers, and the fans of Ford Field will give everything they have to make sure the visiting team has a hard time communicating. I'm already getting chills envisioning a dominating performance this Sunday. Let's kick this freakin' thing off now.