5 Former Michigan Players the Detroit Lions Could Target in the 2024 NFL Draft

Michigan Players the Detroit Lions Could Target

The Detroit Lions are always on the lookout for talent that can enhance their roster, and with the 2024 NFL Draft fast approaching, several players from the University of Michigan are catching the eye of team scouts. Given their geographic and institutional proximity, it’s no surprise the Lions have shown interest in these local standouts who could help fill various needs across the board. Here are five Wolverines the Lions might consider drafting this year.

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Mike Sainristil, DB, Michigan

Mike Sainristil, in my opinion is the best fit for the Detroit Lions in the entire 2024 NFL Draft. Known for his readiness to transition to the NFL, Sainristil is viewed as an NFL-ready nickel, much like Brian Branch was in his class. Despite being projected as a Day 2 pick primarily due to his less-than-ideal measurables, his ability to outperform expectations makes him an intriguing option for the Lions, who could use his versatility in their secondary.

Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan

Roman Wilson’s speed and agility make him an excellent candidate to add depth to the Lions’ receiver room. While he predominantly plays as a slot receiver due to his height of 5-foot-10, the Lions have taken a keen interest in him, having hosted Wilson for a top-30 visit and observing him at the team’s local day. His potential to stretch defenses could greatly benefit Detroit’s offensive schemes.

Zak Zinter, G, Michigan

As a local product and a multi-year starter at Michigan, Zak Zinter was on track to be a Day 2 pick before a late-season injury potentially lowered his draft stock. His experience and solid performance when healthy suggest he could be a starting-caliber guard in the NFL. The Lions might see great value in selecting Zinter at a discount, bolstering their offensive line where depth and youth are needed.

Jaylen Harrell, EDGE, Michigan

Jaylen Harrell brings a high motor and consistent effort to the field, characteristics highly valued by NFL teams. Although he may not have the most refined techniques, his relentless pursuit and energy make him a suitable candidate for a subpackage rusher role. The Lions, looking to enhance their pass rush, could find Harrell’s skill set particularly useful as they develop their defensive strategies.

Braiden McGregor, EDGE, Michigan

Braiden McGregor, another EDGE from Michigan, shows promise with his length, speed, and explosiveness. While he needs further development in handling blocks and refining his technique, McGregor offers potential as a draft-and-develop prospect. With a Day 3 projection, he could be an attractive pick for the Lions, who could nurture his talents to fit their defensive mold.

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Draft Strategy and Outlook

These five Michigan alumni represent potential draft targets for the Detroit Lions, each bringing unique attributes that align with the team’s needs in various positions. Whether adding speed to the offense with Roman Wilson, securing the defensive line with Zak Zinter, or enhancing the edge rush with Jaylen Harrell and Braiden McGregor, the Lions have a valuable opportunity to tap into local talent that could contribute significantly in the coming seasons. As the draft approaches, it will be interesting to see if any of these Wolverines make their way to the professional ranks clad in Detroit blue and silver.

Written by W.G. Brady

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