A.J. Hinch hints at plan for Detroit Tigers P Joey Wentz

Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch spoke to reporters about Joey Wentz's struggles, and while doing so he hinted at a plan for the youngster.

Detroit Tigers SP Joey Wentz has endured a tough stretch, conceding 21 runs and 34 hits in his last three starts, resulting in an inflated ERA of 7.80. Despite Wentz's accountability and determination to improve, manager A.J. Hinch recognizes the pressure he may be placing on himself. However, Hinch expresses confidence in Wentz's abilities and anticipates his next turn in the rotation, considering potential adjustments to support his performance.

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Key Points

  • Wentz's recent starts have been challenging, with 21 runs and 34 hits allowed over three games.
  • Wentz acknowledges his struggles and expresses the need for improvement.
  • Hinch appreciates Wentz's accountability but highlights the pressure it places on the young pitcher.
  • Hinch expects Wentz to take his next turn in the rotation against Texas, potentially employing creative strategies to aid his performance.
  • The team discusses alternative approaches, such as opening the game for Wentz or adjusting pitch selection, aiming to facilitate positive changes.
  • Hinch emphasizes the importance of addressing adjustments at the major league level, rather than demoting Wentz to Triple-A.
  • The Tigers maintain their trust and belief in Wentz's potential.

A.J. Hinch hints at plan for Detroit Tigers P Joey Wentz

On Saturday, Hinch told reporters that he still believes in Wentz and there is no plan to send him to Triple-A Toledo. In addition, Hinch revealed how the Tigers may use Wentz a bit different in his next appearance.

“We may have to do some creative things,” Hinch said. “We’ve talked about, ‘Do we open for him and give him a change of scenery?’ Maybe throw less fastballs – that’d probably be a good start. But the adjustments need to happen here (and not in Triple-A).

“We have a lot of trust and faith in him.”

Bottom Line – Navigating Challenges for Growth for Wentz

Navigating challenges is an integral part of an athlete's journey, and Joey Wentz's current struggles represent a crucial phase in his development. A.J. Hinch's consideration of alternative strategies reflects the team's determination to support Wentz's improvement. By providing guidance and exploring creative solutions, the Tigers aim to help Wentz regain confidence and consistency. The organization's faith in his abilities underscores their commitment to nurturing young talent and underscores their dedication to long-term success.


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