Alim McNeill says Detroit Lions’ defensive upgrades are like ‘Playing Madden’

When you look at the 2022 Detroit Lions, there is no question that the offense was light years ahead of the defense. But Lions GM Brad Holmes has been working hard during the offseason to make sure the defense will be much better in 2023, as he has added multiple defensive backs that should impact the team immediately. On Tuesday, Lions DL Alim McNeill spoke to reporters, and he compared the defensive upgrades over the off-season to “almost playing Madden.”

Alim McNeill Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Lions GM Brad Holmes has made multiple moves to improve the team's defense in the offseason, specifically by adding defensive backs.
  • McNeill compared the upgrades to the defense to “almost playing Madden” and has taken a more professional approach to his diet and offseason training.
  • McNeill feels leaner, faster, and more flexible, which he believes will be beneficial for him in his 3rd season with the Lions.

Alim McNeill says Detroit Lions' defensive upgrades are like ‘Playing Madden'

While speaking to reporters on Tuesday, McNeill compared the moves Holmes has made this offseason to “almost playing Madden.” McNeill also talked about how he has changed his diet this offseason, including cutting out red meat and working on portion control. He said that took a more “professional” approach to the offseason this year. Improving his diet and improving his flexibility was a big focus for him. McNeill added that he's feeling leaner, faster, and more flexible and thinks that'll be big for him entering his 3rd season.

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Bottom Line: The Lions' defense WILL be improved in 2023

On paper, there is no question about it that the Lions' defense is better in 2023 than it was in 2022, and we still have the 2023 NFL Draft to add some additional talent. If the defense can take a huge step forward, and the offense continues to play at a high level, the Lions will be a force to be reckoned with this coming season.

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