Amon-Ra St. Brown spits facts prior to Week 16 matchup vs. Vikings

Amon-Ra St. Brown spits facts prior to Week 16 matchup vs. Vikings.

Amon-Ra St. Brown spits facts prior to Week 16 matchup vs. Vikings

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is a testament to consistency and resilience in the NFL. Coming off a standout performance against the Denver Broncos, St. Brown is setting his sights on the upcoming crucial game against the Minnesota Vikings. His recent success follows a brief slump in previous games against the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears, where his performance dipped below his usual standards.

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Only as Good as Your Last Game

Amon-Ra St. Brown's approach remains unwavering, emphasizing the importance of consistent preparation and work ethic, regardless of past game outcomes. His mindset and dedication exemplify the attitude required for sustained success in the highly competitive world of professional football.

“The two games before that (prior to Denver) – the Saints and Chicago – I think Chicago was like an outlier. Nothing was really going for us, especially in that second half. But, for me, my preparation doesn’t change,” St. Brown told reporters Friday. “Whether I have a great game, whether I don’t, I’m going to stick to what I do, because that’s kind of been what I’ve been doing since I got here and even before I got here. So, the work ethic never changes, and I know that works for me. So, just got to keep going, stay focused and keep working.”

“I think for me, but especially in this league, you’re only as good as your last week really,” St. Brown expressed. “And, it’s easy to do it maybe one or two weeks, six weeks, a year. But, to do it year after year after year is what’s hard. And, for me, that’s something I prided myself on, is not (being) a guy that can only do it one time. I can keep doing it, year in and year out, and that’s kind of been my goal.”

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  1. Amon-Ra St. Brown bounces back with a stellar performance against the Broncos.
  2. He highlights the importance of consistent preparation, regardless of past performances.
  3. St. Brown is focused on maintaining high standards in the NFL over the long term.
Status of Amon-Ra St. Brown

The Bottom Line – The Mark of a True Professional

Amon-Ra St. Brown's recent comments and performance highlight what it takes to excel in the NFL. His unwavering commitment to consistent preparation, regardless of the outcomes of individual games, marks him as a true professional. As the Detroit Lions prepare to face the Minnesota Vikings in a game that could clinch the NFC North, St. Brown's approach and mindset will be critical. His focus on maintaining high-performance standards over time, not just in single games or seasons, is a blueprint for enduring success in the NFL.