Analyst believes Dan Campbell has Achilles heel that could cost Detroit Lions in Playoffs

Analyst believes Dan Campbell has Achilles heel that could cost Detroit Lions in Playoffs. Photo Credit - Bob Donnan - USA Today

Analyst believes Dan Campbell has Achilles heel that could cost Detroit Lions in Playoffs

As the Detroit Lions gear up for a potential Super Bowl run, their journey is drawing a mix of admiration and skepticism.'s Adam Schein, in his analysis of teams likely to win Super Bowl LVIII, places the Lions at seventh, hinting at concerns regarding head coach Dan Campbell‘s approach.

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Could Dan Campbell's Emotions Cost The Detroit Lions in the Playoffs?

Schein acknowledges the Lions' remarkable transformation under Campbell. He notes the team's newfound swagger, a stark contrast to the ‘Same Old Lions' narrative that has plagued Detroit for decades.

“I dig this Lions team. It’s an upstart group that has potential to do serious damage — not only in the remainder of this season, but for years to come,” Schein writes. “And unlike all those ‘Same Old Lions’ outfits that have disappointed Detroit for decades upon decades, this group has a serious swagger, most prominently in a Ben Johnson-coached offense that’s top five for the second straight season.”

However, Schein expresses reservations about Campbell's emotional coaching style. While admiring Campbell's bold and inspiring demeanor, Schein points out instances of what he perceives as “irresponsible decision-making” during games.

“I generally love the bold, tone-setting attitude that Campbell brings,” he continued. “But the man also has a knack for irresponsible decision-making in the heat of the game. At times, it seems like he lets his emotions get the best of him. And in a win-or-go-home setting, that scares me.”

“Having said that, Dan Campbell continuing to go for two amid all that flag-soaked chaos was insane,” Schein writes. “Take a deep breath, kick the extra point and hit overtime with momentum.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. NFL analyst ranks Lions seventh in Super Bowl contention, praising their transformation.
  2. Concerns were raised about Campbell's emotional decision-making in crucial situations.
  3. The controversial two-point conversion against the Cowboys was highlighted as an example.

The Bottom Line

The Detroit Lions, under Dan Campbell's passionate leadership, have carved a new identity, one that resonates with strength and promise. However, as they approach the playoffs, the question remains: Can Campbell's emotionally charged style translate into tactical success in the postseason? The team's ability to balance heart with strategy will be key to their Super Bowl aspirations. As they face these challenges, the Lions and Campbell find themselves at a crossroads, where the heart and mind must work in tandem to achieve ultimate glory.