Miguel Cabrera Still Has the Sweetest Swing

2014 wasn’t exactly a career year for Miguel Cabrera, but he still has the sweetest swing in baseball. If you are a young ball player, there is no better player to learn the mechanics from. There may not be a more exciting hitter in the game. He is standing in scoring position in the batter’s … Read more

Nick Fairley Wants to Stick With the Detroit Lions

All of the talk surrounding the Detroit Lions‘ 2015 free agency is centered around polarizing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. However, the Lions still have a shot at signing an above average defensive tackle for a fraction of the cost. Nick Fairley wants to stay with the Lions. “I love Detroit, to be honest,” Fairley told … Read more

U.S. Little League Team Stripped of 2014 Title

Picture this. You are a young man playing in the most important games of your life, at least up until that point. You manage a miracle, win the Little League World Series, and become a hometown hero. Fast forward a few months later, and you are now the scapegoat, all because your Little League team has been stripped … Read more

Detroit Lions Re-Sign OL Darren Keyton

Mlive reports that the Detroit Lions have re-signed offensive lineman Darren Keyton. Keyton will be beginning his 4th stint as a Lion, after being waived before the playoffs. Keyton’s only active game this season was week 17, but he did not end up seeing any playing time. With Travis Swanson being cast into a starting … Read more

Ohio State did Mike Weber dirty

Poor Mike Weber. Months after de-committing from the University of Michigan Football program to play for their hated Ohio rival, Ohio State gave Weber a taste of his own medicine. After Weber found out that his recruiter and position coach at OSU, Stan Drayton, was leaving for the NFL’s Chicago Bears, he took to Twitter … Read more

Hilarious Super Bowl Tweets

Twitter is always a good place to find humor, in any given situation. The Super Bowl is no different. Deflate gate aside, there are plenty of punch lines to be found in the tweets leading up to the Super Bowl. Let’s face it Detroit fans, we could use a laugh on a day like today, … Read more

Aaron Rodgers Beats Out J.J. Watt for NFL MVP

As if anyone expected any different, the NFL has selected quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the league MVP. The Green Bay Packers star athlete really was the best quarterback in the league, but a lot of people think J.J. Watt should have gotten more serious thought for the award. He was a one-man wrecking crew on … Read more

WATCH: Key and Peele’s hilarious Super Bowl press conference

Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman are always the topic of discussion before their teammates, and for good reason. The two polarizing personalities are always the eye of the media, and you know their Seahawks’ teammates love the focus being on someone else. The media is always waiting around the corner to see what Lynch has … Read more

Video: Marshawn Lynch Hates the NFL

It is clear enough. 25 times Marshawn Lynch gave the same answer at the Super Bowl’s Media Day. 25 times he told reporters he was only there so that the NFL wouldn’t fine him. Some think Lynch is being a big baby about the entire situation, and others think the NFL is bullying one of … Read more

The SNL Cast Shows Hilarious Take on Deflate Gate

Deflate gate is the next big thing in the NFL. What would have been another blemish on the conscious of football has quickly become little more than a bad punch line. Some people honestly believe that Tom Brady is a cheater, and others just want to giggle at him explaining what happened to his balls. … Read more