Detroit Cass Tech coach Thomas Wilcher offended by Ohio State coaching staff

The repercussions surrounding the Ohio State Buckeyes recruiting of Mike Weber are still being felt in Detroit. Many people in the Detroit area are dumbfounded at the way that Weber was treated during his recruitment. It certainly feels as if the entire process was a slight at the state of Michigan. Many in Detroit were … Read more

Ohio State did Mike Weber dirty

Poor Mike Weber. Months after de-committing from the University of Michigan Football program to play for their hated Ohio rival, Ohio State gave Weber a taste of his own medicine. After Weber found out that his recruiter and position coach at OSU, Stan Drayton, was leaving for the NFL’s Chicago Bears, he took to Twitter … Read more

Hilarious Super Bowl Tweets

Twitter is always a good place to find humor, in any given situation. The Super Bowl is no different. Deflate gate aside, there are plenty of punch lines to be found in the tweets leading up to the Super Bowl. Let’s face it Detroit fans, we could use a laugh on a day like today, … Read more

WATCH: Key and Peele’s hilarious Super Bowl press conference

Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman are always the topic of discussion before their teammates, and for good reason. The two polarizing personalities are always the eye of the media, and you know their Seahawks’ teammates love the focus being on someone else. The media is always waiting around the corner to see what Lynch has … Read more

2015’s No. 1 Cornerback Iman Marshall Lists His Top 6 Schools

The anticipation is killing college football fans. February 4th is so close, we can taste it. National signing day is always a hectic day for college football. Some of the nation’s top recruits are holding out to make their decisions at the last possible minute, and that includes the top-ranked cornerback in the country, Iman … Read more

Matthew Stafford Donating $1 Million to Build Football Center

Matthew Stafford is fresh off of a Pro Bowl MVP-winning performance, and wasting no time getting back to business. This time, it’s donating $1 million to build a football center at the former Lipke Rec Center. Matthew Stafford will be donating $1 million to build the new football facility at the reclaimed Lipke Rec Center. … Read more

Bill vs. Bill: Nye Claims Belichick’s Deflate Gate Explanation is Full of Hot Air

Oh, Bill. When push comes to shove, only one Bill can be right. And according to celebrity scientist Bill Nye, it is not Bill Belichick. Nye claims that Belichick, quite frankly, is full of it. Belichick’s explanation for the deflate-gate scandal was simple; they get broken in throughout the pregame process, and it causes the … Read more