Barstool Sports says Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell just ‘Mentally put everyone in check’ with one quote

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Whether or not Dan Campbell ever leads the Detroit Lions to a Super Bowl, one thing is for sure, we are going to have a great time writing about what comes out of his mouth.

Campbell is seemingly fired up 100% of the time and his passion for the game of football shows through each and every press conference that he speaks at.

On Tuesday, Campbell spoke to the media, and when he was asked a question about final roster decisions between him and Lions GM Brad Holmes, he gave a quote that has everybody talking.

“A true Alpha knows when it’s time to concede for the betterment of the team…we haven’t had one problem and there’s not gonna be a problem.”

Barstool Sports called the quote one that “mentally put everyone in check.”

Here is some of what “Chief” at Barstool Sports had to say. It is pretty clear that he is a Dan Campbell fan, even though he does not root for the Lions.

It PAINS me that Dan Campbell is in the division because I LOVE this guy. Quote machine. I want to root for him so badly, but now after this quote it is clear that the Lions got the right guy. Get you a guy who can do both. A guy who will bite your kneecaps off one second and the next moment twist you into a mental pretzel. There’s no coming back from this. Brad Holmes just lost every argument with Dan Campbell ever. If Dan Campbell says “yeah, okay, you’re right” then he just alpha’d you. You’re done.

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