Bears TE Cole Kmet throws shade at Aidan Hutchinson for late-game penalty

Bears TE Cole Kmet throws shade at Aidan Hutchinson for late-game penalty.

Bears TE Cole Kmet throws shade at Aidan Hutchinson for late-game penalty

During Sunday's matchup that saw the Chicago Bears emerge victorious over the Detroit Lions with a 28-13 score in Week 14, one play stood out as particularly pivotal. This was the moment when Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson jumped offsides during a critical fourth-and-long situation. This mistake gave the Bears a significant advantage, leading to a game-changing touchdown.

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What Did Cole Kmet Say?

Chicago Bears tight end Cole Kmet did not hold back his surprise and criticism over this play. Speaking to reporters, Kmet expressed his disbelief at the Lions’ error at such a crucial moment of the game.

“Fourth-and-13, hell of a cadence. I thought no way in hell are they jumping,” Kmet said via The Chicago Sun-Times’ Jason Lieser. “They jumped. I don’t know how you could jump in that situation, but they did.”

He revealed that the Bears had no intention of snapping the ball and were prepared to take a delay-of-game penalty and punt. Instead, they seized the opportunity created by Hutchinson’s mistake.

“No, I was shocked. Shocked,” Kmet added.

“If they do jump, we all knew what we’re getting to. But it was fourth-and-13, and we’re at the [38-yard line]. That’s prime take-a-delay [penalty].

Bears quarterback Justin Fields capitalized on the situation, connecting with D.J. Moore for a 38-yard touchdown, effectively sealing the game in Chicago’s favor.

Aidan Hutchinson visibly shaken

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Aidan Hutchinson’s crucial offsides mistake led to a Bears touchdown.
  2. Cole Kmet expressed shock and criticism over Hutchinson’s jump.
  3. The Bears had initially planned to take a penalty, not snap the ball.

The Bottom Line – A Lesson in Game Awareness

The Bears' victory over the Lions, marked by Hutchinson's critical error, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of discipline and awareness in football. For the Lions, it was a painful lesson in the consequences of a lapse in focus at a crucial juncture. For the Bears, it was a testament to their readiness to capitalize on their opponent's mistakes.


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