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Aidan Hutchinson
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Aidan Hutchinson

David Pyke: The first thing we have to talk about when it comes to the OTA’s is Aidan Hutchinson. And with that Aidan Hutchinson by far got the most attention from the OTA sessions.

So the first thing I have to ask you is are you buying the hype about Aidan Hutchinson? That he can be a game-changer that Holmes and Campbell envisioned him to be when they drafted him? Number two, overall. 

Nick Bradley: I'm putting everything I own into the hype ever. I'm refinancing the house. I'm selling the car, I'm eating nothing but cold ramen for a month, so I can invest in Aidan Hutchinson.

You don't me a little bit, at least to this point. If I'm not going to buy in if I'm not going to believe, then what's the point in the first place? So, of course, I'm bought in how couldn't he be? He's the second overall pick, 

David Pyke: I'll say this. When we drafted Aidan Hutchinson I was jumping up and down, I was ecstatic. I was so glad that we got him at number two, but I will say this from the reports that we got out of OTAs, the promise that we were given from Aidan Hutchinson. 

It's already, starting to get a return on investment. Because again, if you trust the reports, if you've been reading the news, he had himself a day, three against the third-string. Mind you, it was the third string. But when you get back-to-back sacks on David Blough, you're doing something right. That there's talent there. 

You know that Aidan Hutchinson's future is already starting to look bright and I cannot wait to actually see him go up against the more. The more talented members of that offensive line. It actually showcases talent even more. 

Nick Bradley: Absolutely. It's good to know. Yeah. Third-string is third-string I suppose. But at the same time, he should be dominating those guys. It's good to see that he is, in fact, dominating those guys, even though it is the third-string and you could if you were looking to poke some holes do so with that narrative.

Listen, the guy's doing what he's supposed to. He's a young guy. What is he? 21 years old, 22. So pat them on the back, and give him a couple of claps. Let's hype him up a little bit. Let's boost the young guy up. I'm sure it happens in every fan base, but one of my biggest pet peeves with the Lions’ fan base, feels like all of the Detroit fan bases, but I noticed it so much with the Lions.

They'll spend a high draft pick on somebody or give them a big contract, whatever the case is. And the first moment they can come after them and try and tear them down, it feels like some of the fans and Detroit are so ready to do so. And I just never, I've never totally gotten it. There are, I'm sure people out there who are like praying on Aidan Hutchinson's downfall. I'll never get that. So it's good to see him doing what he should doing. 

David Pyke: Oh I get it. When you talk to just about anybody in the Detroit sports media, there's always somebody that's waiting, praying, and lurking around trying to tear somebody down. Whether it's Aidan Hutchinson and the first thing where they refer to as back to the Georgia game where he just disappeared. Or if it's Jared Goff or it's DeAndre Swift, it doesn't matter who the player is.

They always find something negative. But the thing is with Aidan Hutchinson, like, just the return on investment. Again, I'll bring that back trusting the process that Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes have put in place, we're already seeing all of the hard work that Aidan Hutchinson is already putting in with the Lions.

It's starting to bear some fruit. So I'm absolutely bought into the hype. I can't wait to hear what he does in phase two of the OTAs for the minicamp and training camp. 

I'm so excited to see how much more Aidan Hutchinson actually blossoms into being the number two overall pick. We're just going to have to wait and see though. But it should be a fun time to see Aidan Hutchinson really become that player for the Detroit Lions

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