Ben Johnson explains his balancing act for Detroit Lions offense

Ben Johnson explains his balancing act for Detroit Lions offense.

Ben Johnson explains his balancing act for Detroit Lions offense

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson faces the intricate task of managing and integrating a diverse and talented offensive lineup. With an array of skilled players at his disposal, including two reliable running backs, a dynamic tight end, and a variety of receivers, Johnson's challenge lies in creating opportunities for each to shine.

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What did Ben Johnson Say?

Ben Johnson approaches this balancing act by adapting to the game's flow, sometimes making deliberate efforts to get the ball into specific hands, while at other times responding to the defense's setup.

“Within the circumstance of the game, it's just an ebb and flow. May or may not try to just dial it up to get it in someones hands, other times it might be, hey, I think they're gonna be in this defense or we want to attack them this way,” Johnson said. “It's a balancing act right now. It's a blessing and a curse to have this many talented skill players. We've got a phenomenal tight end, we've got two really good running backs and all five wide receivers that are up on game day deserve to get the ball in their hands and run with it.”

This strategy, while a testament to the team's depth, also brings a complexity due to the limited number of plays in a game. Johnson acknowledges the inevitable frustration that can arise from players feeling underutilized and strives to distribute opportunities evenly, ensuring each week brings a new focus on different dynamic playmakers.

“That's where, each week, you're all gonna have plays in and someone's probably gonna be not as happy that they're not touching the ball enough,” Johnson explained. “We just try to cycle it around each week. We've got a lot of dynamic playmakers and that's the challenge for us right now.” 

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson navigates the challenge of utilizing the Lions' deep offensive talent.
  2. His strategy includes adapting play calls to both the game’s flow and player strengths.
  3. Managing player expectations and ensuring equitable opportunities remains a priority.

The Bottom Line – Harmonizing the Lions' Offensive Roar

The Detroit Lions' offensive coordination under Ben Johnson is an intricate dance of strategy and player management. His adept handling of a roster brimming with talent highlights his capability to not only devise effective game plans but also to maintain team cohesion. The key to the Lions' offensive success lies in this balance – the ability to utilize each player's strengths while keeping the team's collective goal in focus. With that being said, this sure does seem like a good problem to have!